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The Best Outdoor Games for Your Kids


By Sumit MishraPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Best Outdoor Games for Your Kids
Photo by Mieke Campbell on Unsplash

Nowadays kids are always busy on mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. They prefer playing online games rather than playing outside on the ground. When they do not go outside then it hinders the physical growth of your kids. This is the main reason for falling sick again and again. This is a very worrisome issue among parents but it is the responsibility of the parents to teach them various new games that will attract the kids and they will be encouraged to play these games. We should not ignore physical growth at all. If you need any sort of playing equipment then you can visit alternatives to eBay to order them and give them to your little ones.

Hide and seek- this is a classic game that never gets old. This game can not be forgotten because we all have played this game in our childhood. This game is perfect for the kids because it will not cause any injury to them. you need 8 to 10 children for this game where one kid will close their eyes and count up to 20 while others will go to hide. Now seeker who has closed the eyes will find the hidden players.

Tag- this game is very simple to play but a very exhilarating game. You need 5 to 7 small children to play this game. In this game, one child is called a tagger and tries to catch the other players, who then become “it”. The game will be played until the tagger does not catch every player. This game has a lot of physical activities such as running, and dodging, and also includes mental stimulation such as strategic thinking.

Duck, duck, goose- this might be a new game for so many people but I will tell you. so, this game is ideal for children up to 10 years. This game encourages social interaction. The kids usually sit in a circle, and one child will be called a goose who will walk around the circle tap each player on the head, and shout duck until someone becomes the goose. The next goose will do the same.

Simon says- this game is suitable for 6 to 20-year-old children. This game is good for kids because it teaches them to follow instructions while having fun. So, in this game, one child will play as Simon and give commands to others such as “Simon is saying to touch your toes” or Simon is saying to hop on one foot. So, it has a lot of physical activity. When Simon gives a command and any of the kids do not follow then he will become the next Simon.

Hopscotch- it is a game that everyone can play and many of you must have played in your childhood. It is an outdoor game that improves the balance, coordination, and counting skills of your kid. You can use chalk and draw a hopscotch on the ground with numbered squares. All the players take their turn and play this game. While you play you have to be considerate that you should not touch the square of your opponent.

Soccer- it is a fantastic game that can be played and you can teach your kids from the very beginning. You need 5 to 7 players and a ball to hit. It has a lot of running and jumping which will help in the growth of your kid.

Scavenger hunt- this game is not only for kids but parents can also play this game to spend some time with their kids. You can ask other parents also to get included in this game. All of the adults need to make some lists of the items that will be hunted by the kids. So, hide the items at various places. You can take the kids in the open and explore the nature with them.

These games will surely be liked by your kids.

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