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The Best Dungeons and Dragons Memes on the Black Market

by Alice Kensington 2 years ago in rpg

Send this to your DM and maybe they'll fudge some rolls for you.

As a long term observer, short term player and perputally stuck as the DM, Dungeons and Dragons recently has been a god send to all of us. Those who are new, welcome to the club. Those who are returning with your new found extra time, welcome back I hope you remember where you left your dice! Those who've been playing this whole time? We can talk in Thieves' Cant and infurate the rest with our whispery secrets.

Skip ahead for the wonderful, slightly shady memes.

Dungeon and Dragons truly is a cult. Once you're in, you're in. And if you're in, you will probably relate to the various TikToks, Vines and memes that have been made with D&D in mind. The level of variation in this content really shows that no matter who you are and what play style you have, we're all true chaotic neutrals at heart. Whether you're a rogue, barbarian, bard, warlock, fighter or paladin; these are the memes for you. Most of these have been taken from other places or my own personal collection of memes that have been collecting dust on my PC and tickled my fancy. I have given credit where credit was findable but as it often is with memes, this was quite difficult. If, however, I have unfortunately missed any of these please let me know and I'll quickly find a way to credit the original creator.

1. Dragonborns have a rough life, and even rougher skin.

2. They do be vibing tho.

3. May the dice be with you, and may you never roll Nat 1s. Except maybe when it's really funny.

4. 5e kinda did Aleister and Lastai dirty, but they would be absolutely perfect patrons for a Bard Warlock.

5. True fantasy. This is what the Sims and D&D is for

6. That actually explains the plot of Shrek way too well - what if Shrek is just a D&D game and Donkey is the Bard, Shrek is the Barbarien and Fiona is the Rogue?

7. We all need a home. It just happens that the party's home is most probably a tavern surrounded by sassy and unruly barstaff that someone charmed or was one of your first quest givers.

8. It's official: if you are the parent, lover or teacher of an adventurer you might as well buy your casket now. You, my friend, are character motivation and you're gonna die tragically in 5... 4...

9. Give those extra DMs some love now and then, especially the ones who do the voices, dialects and switch up the characters. You never realise how difficult a certain voice is to do until you do it in a room full of people whose eyes are all on you.

10. (Insert short joke for every halfling, dwarf, kobold and goblin. Insert short joke for every short player too - myself regrettably included. Although I did bring it upon myself, playing a gnome Bard. Sorry, Faefi.)

11. 11. Giving the DM some more ammo to hit you with isn't always the smartest move, but it's definitely the funniest.

12. I'd like to think this is the relationships some Warlocks have with their patrons, just some chill guys being dudes and hanging out at least 2m apart.

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