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The Best Dribbling Moves In NBA 2K23

There are many different dribbling moves in NBA 2K23, a good move can help us get an advantage in the NBA game, here we will introduce some of the best dribbling moves for you.

By Claus OliverPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Dribbling moves are very prominent in NBA 2K23 and are one of the most basic moves in the NBA game. When we master the dribbling moves in NBA 2K23, we can reach any position in the NBA game.

Now that NBA 2K23 has been out for several months, players can now put together their favorite animations, including various dribbling moves. Here we will detail some of the most effective dribbling moves, and we can choose one of these moves.

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The best dribbling animations in NBA 2K23

There are seven dribbling animation categories in NBA 2K23. Each set contains a variety of ball handling moves. Below we will present some of the most impressive dribble animations in these categories, and we can choose from among them.

Signature Size-Ups

  • Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving was one of the most popular dribbling animations in NBA 2K22 and it is still one of the most popular in 2K23. The fastest and most effective dribbling technique is Irving's technique, which is number one. But, because it requires ball handling at 90 or above, many professionals will find it unsuitable.

  • LaMelo Ball

The beauty of Bauer's big move is that it is neither crazy nor flashy. It is fluid and offers a wide variety of maneuvers that can throw off your defender.

  • Zach LaVine

If you want smooth, simple, compact animation, then Zach LaVine is a wise choice. This fits most forms of player setups. You need 75+ feet of ball control and a height of less than 6'10".

Size-Up Escape Packages

  • Trae Young

There is no doubt that Trae Young is the most impressive escape animation, with sharp and precise moves as well as some large escape setups. We will have an advantage on the court thanks to this animation.

  • Kobe Bryant

In NBA 2K23, Kobe Bryant makes a slow but effective move. Another advantage of this animation is that there is no height need.

  • Luka Dončić

If you want to use a simple style of animation, then Luka Dončić is the right choice. It is simple to use, making it one of the most incredible signature styles. Also, if you have more than 75 balls, you can get them, which reduces the difficulty to a significant extent.

Moving over to crossovers

  • Kyrie Irving

If you want the fastest and most exciting crossovers in the game, then Irving would be the right choice. This is a clean package and although it comes with a 90+ ball handle need, it will be well worth it.

  • Chris Paul

This dribbling animation is very sharp and silky and requires very minimal input from the player, only requiring you to reach 80+ ball handling.

  • Michael Jordan

This dribble animation is one of the smoothest in the pack in NBA 2K23, and it is considered by many players to be the best dribbling style. Using this dribble animation will give your player a smooth speed boost and the ability to change the tempo . Simple prerequisites for the Michael Jordan style include a least of 75 ball speed and the ability to jump.

Moving Behind The Backs

  • Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is great if you want retro style moves in NBA 2K23. Using this dribble animation will make it easy to get over the defender's block.

  • Allen Iverson

One of the greatest dribblers of all time, Iverson has one of the most terrible moves in the post but also has a lot of tricks up his sleeves.

  • Zach LaVine

The trademark style behind the most refined move in NBA 2K23 is Zach LaVine, as this fits most forms of player setups. LaVine has an exquisite set of behind-the-back movement dribble animations and a very effective feel.

Moving spins

  • Steve Nash

If you want a compact and fast dribble, then Steve Nash is a wise choice.

  • LeBron James

The most popular dribbling styles in NBA 2K23 are LeBron James and Michael Jordan. LeBron James is ideal for big bodies who need to hold the ball for 70 minutes or more. His size is a blend of mobility and speed, and there are no height requirements, which is huge.

  • Jimmy Butler

Butler's move isn't particularly fancy. But its balance of speed and smoothness makes it one of the best-moving spins to have in the game.

Moving Hesitations

  • Kyrie Irving
  • Luka Dončić
  • Pro

If you don't want to use the Moving Hesitations package of a former or current NBA player, then the Pro option is a viable option. It checks all the key boxes for the dribble move you want and doesn't must much unlocking.

Moving Stepbacks

  • Stephen Curry

No one can match Stephen Curry's performance because he needs 90+ ball handling, which is difficult to come by. It's so fast, yet fluid, giving you the right amount of space you need.

  • John Wall

If you want one of the most impressive dribble animations out there, then you can start with John Wall. It looks less bumpy than most styles. John's wall dribble is also very effective at breaking opponents' dribbles. Also, John Wall has over 80 ball handles and is under 6'10" tall.

  • Luka Dončić

There are many aspects of Dončić's game that stand out. But his move-back is his most popular move, and one of his most effective.

If you want one of the most impressive dribbling animations, then you can choose between the above. If you have enough 2K23 MT, then you can buy the dribble animations you want in this game.


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