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The Art of War: The Story of David Guo and Evony

Building Bridges with Battles: David Guo's Evony as a Melting Pot of Civilizations

By David Guo ViewsPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
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In 2015, David Guo co-founded Top Games Inc. (TGI), which has rapidly risen to prominence in the gaming industry. The company, with over 200 employees, serves a global audience in more than 150 countries and provides multilingual support in over 25 languages. Under the leadership of CEO David Guo and VP Benjamin Gifford, Top Games Inc. has emerged as one of the most successful game development companies. In April 2022, it was recognized as one of the "Top Companies," a distinction that contributed to its record-breaking sales. Notably, it ranked as the ninth highest-grossing RPG company in the United States. Furthermore, between June and September 2022, Top Games Inc. achieved the status of the fifth highest-grossing American company globally on both Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Flagship Game - Evony: The King's Return

The company's flagship game - Evony: The King's Return, a real-time war simulation game (SLG) on mobile platforms, has accumulated more than 200 million downloads since its release in 2016, becoming a very popular free-to-play strategy game.

Evony seamlessly combines various strategy game elements, including main city development, exploration, the recruitment of historically renowned Generals, epic battles and even challenging puzzles. What's even more exciting is that the game is now available on PC! The TGI R&D team has delved deep into optimizing the PC version, presenting a grand spectacle that shatters visual expectations and immerses players in a true large-screen gaming experience.

Standout Features of Evony

A standout feature of the game is its representation of various historical civilizations and iconic figures like George Washington, Napoleon, George Dewey, Oda Nobunaga. These characters add depth and context to the gameplay, making "Evony" a melting pot of historical narratives and civilizations.

"Evony" provides various war modes, including siege warfare and player-versus-player battles. These modes, along with engaging weekly events, ensure consistent player involvement. For instance, the latest event, the Civilization Celebration, features the "Quest For Treasure Event." In this event, players can acquire Ancient Treasure Maps, hunt for treasures, and engage in battles against formidable foes such as the Desert Bandit. The event also includes a points system that rewards individual players and their alliances for reaching specific milestones.

Evony's Rise to Fame Under the Leadership of David Guo

David Guo, also known as Yaoqi Guo, brings over two decades of experience in software and game development, network security, UX design, game theory, and API design. His passion for leveraging technology and information systems to enhance social interaction is a cornerstone of his leadership at Top Games.

"For gamers, a game is not just a hobby or entertainment but a way of life,”David said.

David skillfully utilized data science and adopted a flexible approach to team management. His effective leadership in the fiercely competitive realm of the mobile gaming industry led to the remarkable success of Evony, elevating it to a "blockbuster game." David believes it's important for teams to work quickly to implement solutions when they see a problem.

"When you see a problem, don't be afraid to look for ways to make it better. Identifying areas that can be improved is the only way to create the best customer experience possible."

David Guo's philosophy centers around improving lives through innovative game design and user-friendly interfaces. He emphasizes the importance of simplicity and clarity in his designs, continually refining his approach through reflection and review. This dedication to enhancing user experience is evident in "Evony: The King's Return," a game that not only entertains but also connects players from different cultures and backgrounds.

“Top Games focuses on providing top-tier player experiences and services. We design games from the player’s perspective. Realizing that players not only make many friends but also live out portions of their lives in games, we aim to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience.“ David explained.

Top Games Inc.: deliver fun and engaging games worldwide

Top Games Inc. is committed to becoming the world's most user-oriented game company, a vision that shapes every aspect of its operations. The company's mission to deliver fun and engaging games worldwide reflects a deep commitment to quality, innovation, and accessible gaming experiences. Top Games Inc. aims to seamlessly integrate these values, ensuring that each game they develop is not only entertaining but also meaningful to a diverse, global community of players.

Having rapidly established itself as an innovative force in the gaming industry, Top Games Inc. leverages a cutting-edge game engine, offering a wide range of games and customizable experiences. This approach has set a new standard in gaming, positioning the company at the forefront of the industry. Top Games Inc.'s significant investment in its video games distinguishes it from competitors, captivating players of all ages and backgrounds. As Top Games Inc. continues to uphold its high standards, the gaming community eagerly awaits their upcoming, exciting game releases.

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