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The 10 Most Fun Shrine Quests in Breath of the Wild

Let's be honest, some of them are more entertaining than others

The 10 Most Fun Shrine Quests in Breath of the Wild
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game I just can't get enough of. I love exploring the open world with its different locations and climates, the wide variety of enemies to fight and the long list of quests. Today I'll specifically talk about shrine quests. Most of these are technically optional, but if you want to do all 120 shrines you're gonna have to delve into them. It's hard for me to even fit ten of them into one category, as they involve different kinds of challenges and lengths. These are ten of the most fun, interesting or entertaining (or all of the above) shrine quests from Breath of the Wild (spoiler alert!).

Stranded on Eventide

I'm gonna start off the list with my favourite. Stranded on Eventide is both the most intimidating and entertaining shrine quest. When you land on Eventide Island, you get stripped of all your gear and equipment, leaving you having to gather all the resources you can to fight the monsters there and retrieve all three orbs you need to reveal the shrine. Even though it's a big challenge, I find it a lot of fun to suddenly have to make it with just what you can find, and not the gear you've gathered along the game.

The Test of Wood

I remember not liking the Korok shrine quests when I did my first playthrough, but I really don't know why as I now find them quite fun and entertaining. In this one specifically you have to get from the middle of the forest to the Maag Halan Shrine using only Forest Dweller weapons, which are made of wood. To add to the challenge, the route there isn't the easiest to follow, and it's swarming with enemies, constantly launching attacks at you. You have to make it to the shrine without breaking any of the weapons or losing the path, which is a fun challenge.

Recital at Warbler's Nest

This shrine quest takes place in one of my absolute favourite locations in Hyrule, Rito Village. After completing a side quest in which you need to find Kheel, who's gone to the Warbler's Nest, she tells you that she's annoyed that her sisters have missed their singing rehearsal and asks you to find them and tell them to come there. Her sisters are all busy trying to gather the ingredients for Hearty Salmon Meunière for their sister Genli as she refuses to go sing until she's eaten. When all sisters are present they start singing in different, colour coordinated tunes, hinting which order you need to blow wind through the nearby holes to reveal the shrine. It's a cute and wholesome shrine quest, as I love interacting with the populations in the different villages.

The Silent Swordswomen

Even though this shrine quest is quite short, I love the Gerudo culture and how powerful they are as a people. There are statues of swordswomen scattered around the desert as "remnants of ages long past". I love how much the Gerudo celebrate their culture and their history, and this shrine quest is a good example of that. All you need to do is get a sand seal and follow the swordswomen and the direction their swords are pointing in, and eventually you'll reach the Kema Zoos Shrine.

The Three Giant Brothers

When I first started playing the game I was terrified of Hinox, understandably enough as they're huge and strong intimidating monsters. For this shrine quest you need to kill three different types of Hinox to retrieve the orbs around their necks, for then to carry them up on the nearby mountain and place them on the pedestals there. This will reveal the Tawa Jinn Shrine. I find this quest entertaining as it's not the easiest and involves fighting big enemies. The strongest Hinox also has other monsters surrounding it which will interfere with your fight, making it even harder.

The Crowned Beast

This is another short but fun shrine quest. I'm mostly including it just to talk about Kass, the amazing accordion playing Rito and one of my favourite NPCs of all time. The shrine quest is triggered by speaking to Kass in the Rabia Plain in the Hateno region. He'll play you a song with lyrics involving mounting a crowned beast upon its throne. This means that you need to mount a buck, as in a male deer with antlers, and ride it up on the pedestal near Kass, which reveals the Mezza Lo Shrine. It's a cute shrine quest, and I remember taking way too many photos of Link on the buck when I first completed it.

Guardian Slideshow

This shrine quest starts at Puffer Beach in the Lake region. When exploring the beach you'll notice a shrine pedestal, where next to it there's a lady sitting cuddling an orb she's named Roscoe. In a strange way she seems to have some kind of romantic feelings for the orb, but tells you that she really wants to see real guardians. You then need to take pictures of three different types of guardians to show her in trade for the orb. This is a fun shrine quest as it forces you to get creative and travel around a little to take the pictures. I also like meeting NPCs with strong personalities, and this is definitely an example of a weird and stubborn one.

The Stolen Heirloom

This is another shrine quest that delves into a specific character and lets us explore their background. It takes a while before this quest is available, but it's quite an interesting one. Dorian, one of the guards in Kakariko Village, has stolen an orb from Impa's house. As everyone's trying to figure out who did it, he sneaks away towards where the Great Fairy Fountain is. When following him (stealthily) you discover that he was trying to trade the orb with a Yiga Blademaster, which you'll have to fight for him. Dorian then reveals that he used to be part of the Yiga Clan, and is now being blackmailed by them. They already killed his wife, but he fears for his child. It's a pretty dark backstory, making it satisfying to be able to help him.

Into the Vortex

This one I like purely because it is a good challenge. It takes place by Rist Peninsula in the Akkala region, and involves Link carrying an orb from the Malin Bay to the middle of the spiral-shaped peninsula, which is quite a long walk. To make it harder, the peninsula is full of different enemies, making it difficult to even carry the orb through certain spots, as Link is forced to put it down to fight the monsters. There are different techniques that can make it easier, but it's quite rewarding when you get to the middle and can finally deposit the orb.

Watch Out for the Flowers

This is really just a silly and quirky shrine quest that's really quick to do. I'm including it because it's funny and involves a strong personality. When you discover the Hila Rao Shrine in the Dueling Peaks region, it seems like any ordinary shrine that you can easily get to. However, it's surrounded by a labyrinth of flowers planted by a strange lady named Magda. If you step on the flowers while trying to get to the shrine, she'll tell you off and you'll have to start again. What makes it funny is that if you keep messing up (possibly on purpose) she'll fly into a rage and get quite scary as she absolutely loses it.

Those were my top ten entertaining shrine quests from Breath of the Wild. I know everyone has different opinions on what a fun quest entails, and it's also hard to choose my top ones as I'm constantly changing my mind. Thinking back to my first playthrough there are so many things I didn't enjoy as much back then as I do now. It's also up to what you feel like doing and what types of quests you enjoy more. The game has something for everyone to enjoy, which is amazing.


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