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Taxi Chaos Review

by Fernanda Reyes 5 days ago in product review

You come across a game every now and again and instantly feel nostalgic

You come across a game every now and again and instantly feel nostalgic. You can find it here. Taxi Chaos The reason for this nostalgia was a childhood love of Crazy Taxi, and it's clear that this was their main inspiration. Is this an indie studio up to the challenge?

Let's start by setting some expectations. This arcade game is one that you will want to play for short periods of time, not hours. The default mode, Arcade, will be the first to start. It will run down a 90 second timer. You can only increase your time by picking up customers to drop them off at their destination.

It's difficult to know how long each drop-off will take you or your clients to reach the target.

Although there are colors that indicate whether a target is a short or long ride, it's still difficult to make an informed decision. Most runs take less than 5 minutes.

Pro Mode is also available, but it's the same as Arcade. It doesn't have a directional arrow that shows you where to drop your clients off. This was an excellent idea. It makes you feel like a real taxi driver and must know every street. However, there is no real reward to playing this mode instead of Arcade, except for a brand new cab, which is not the best in the game.

Although I initially thought that this mode would be extremely difficult, it turned out to be very small and only a few dropoff locations on the map. You'll soon be familiar with the whole city in an hour.

It does appear lively with many cars driving around the city and pedestrians walking along the sidewalk (which was apparently a fix they applied soon after launch). The game's visuals do a great job of capturing the playful atmosphere needed for such a game.

Taxi Chaos has a jump button that I think is a great idea. It's great fun to jump across traffic and to go up to the roofs to save a few seconds.

While jumping isn't 100% needed for the Arcade or Pro modes, if you hope to do the optional character quests, you'll need to master both the jump as well as the boost abilities, the latter of which sadly only works when you brake, which felt like a missed opportunity for some boosting-through-traffic fun.

You say Character Quests? You shouldn't expect a single-player adventure. However, you can go into an exploratory mode with no time restrictions and focus on collecting key characters. You can find toolboxes to help a plumber, or disguises to assist an otherworldly visitor.

Although I enjoyed exploring the map to find these hidden objects was a highlight of my experience, I did not see many before resorting to a guide. The objects only spawn once you have started the quest and found the client.

I was most grateful for these new customers who actually had some unique lines of dialog. This is the worst part of the game.

You're correct, nearly every player in the game repeats the same lines until they drive you crazy. It's really so bad. It's worse than Dragon's Dogma repeating NPC lines, and it's not an exaggeration. The voice acting was terrible, as well as the repetition of the lines by different voices. To save my sanity, I had to muffle the text lines in the settings.

This audio loop, combined with repetitive gameplay and a tiny map will make for a game that is already far too short to be enjoyed after just 2 hours.

The Final Word

Similar to the Cab drivers in the game,Taxi ChaosIt succeeds in driving customers away. You should avoid this company unless you are a crazy taxi fanatic.

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