Support Tips for 'League of Legends'

by Briana Martin 2 years ago in esports

Tips on Better Supporting Skills for 'League of Legends'

Support Tips for 'League of Legends'

I've been playing support for a long time now. Most people think that supporting is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of dedication for the role. After playing the role for a long time, I managed to find some tips on how others can be a better support. Those who are new to supporting or wanting to get better, here are some tips on how to support better.

1. Communication is the key.

You always want to communicate with your bot lane and your team. Ping if you're going to ward. If you're going to back for wards or items, let your ADC know in chat so that way they don't travel too far into the enemy's duo bot lane. Let your team know if you're going to engage or if your abilities are on cooldown. Communication is a huge key to being a support.

2. Ward constantly as you can.

This is a major job as support, we are the team's major vision keeper. Due to the changes, you need to at least keep a few control wards on you until you completed the mission. Once you do, try to rush for the sight ward items as you can. Providing constant vision will not only prevent unsighted ganks, but it will prevent members from dying at the hands of the enemy team.

3. Choose a support-based on your team's needs or comp.

Not all supports work on every comp, it's best you practice and learn as many supports as you can. There are times you will need to choose a support that will benefit the team's need. If you need more tank because your team is squishy, choose supports like Leona, Taric, or Thresh. If you need more sustain, champs like Soroka, Nami, and Sona can provide the heals your team needs. If you need more CC supports, Morgana is a good pick. You have to pay attention to your team's needs and pick a champ that your team will benefit from.

4. Don't be afraid to poke or engage!

I know there are times supports want to be careful and not be flamed by their ADCs or teammates, so they play safely. However, if you see a chance to poke your enemy support or ADC, don't be afraid to poke. Especially with ranged supports like Sona, Lulu, or like Soroka where you can just poke safely behind your minions or if you see an opening.

5. Just do your best! You can't always save everyone.

Because of some players, they always flame their support for not always being able to save them. But it's okay that you don't always manage to do so unless you let them die intentionally, there is no need to beat yourself up if the team fight threw you off your positioning or you used everything you could save your team.

6. Play smart.

Even though you're a support, you still need to play smart. Avoid making risky trades unless you know your team is going to back you up. Make sure you ward whenever you can and use map awareness and ping if your lane is missing. Playing smart will not only prevent getting caught by the enemy's jungler, but it will help your teammates be aware and prevent you and your ADC from being behind. Get items like Oracles to find enemies wards and clear them, so that way they won't have any vision on your teammates.

I hope this small guide helps those who planning on supporting or want to be better in support when playing League of Legends. Good luck and gave fun out there Summoners!

Briana Martin
Briana Martin
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