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Super People - What is hit-registration?

by Jirasu 7 months ago in new releases
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It feels like I miss every shot sometimes. But there's other cool stuff in the game at least..

PUBG was the gateway drug for battle royales for myself. I remember seeing some gameplay of H1Z1 and finding interesting, but too reliant on just two-tapping people in the game. PUBG was more about the story; Landing, finding guns, attachments, and making your way towards the zone while avoiding the world around you and players trying to take you out. While not perfect, PUBG was truly a game that everyone loved during its apex. Overtime it waned off because Bluehole made decisions that most people disagreed on. But I digress. Many battle royales have come and gone, but this one seems like it could be dope, but with a huge asterisk up front.

Super People use a class-based system in order to create more interesting and unique gameplay instances every time you load into the game. There’s a ton of options; some better than others (screw the gas soldier), but most seem really interesting with active and passive traits. On top of that, each class with have a gun that the class wants you to use, and doing so will give you a buff in damage. When you start a round, everyone starts at level 1; and as you survive, kills players, and upgrade yourself through capsules, you can gain more perks that coincide with your chosen class. Anything from more damage with your chosen gun, to dodge rolls, special grenades, and an ultimate skill unlocked at level 10. Now, each perk you acquire is random; you don’t get a say in what you unlock next. And while I do have some grievances with this choice, I understand why it was made. Without the randomness of each perk upgrade, people would min/max the fuck out of the game REALLY fast. And the developers obviously don’t want that, which I can get behind. It allows for more replay ability, and besides, each class feels very unique, and there’s not a lot of overlap in terms of similar perks. They do exist, but they are usually passives that you don’t notice you even have.

The map is large and diverse, but because it’s so early on, only around 60 people are in one game, so the entire map is not utilized. The 30-second loop of this game is what you’d expect for a battle royale in 2022. However, a page that was taken out of Fortnite’s playbook was the idea of upgrading weapons. And Super People takes it a step further by letting you craft the weapon upgrades, by finding various materials across the map. And the best part, honestly, is that they separated your actual loot inventory with the materials you can find to craft upgrades for not only weapons, but armor as well. It’s a nice touch that doesn’t bog down the inventory any more than it already feels like sometimes.

Across the map you’ll also find different power bars, that when consumed will provide you a buff for about 90 seconds. These range from more damage, increased defense, or more movement speed. While you can only have one active at a time (as far as I’m aware I haven’t actually tried to consume two at the same time), they can be just what you need to turn a bad situation back in your favor. And the best part is that there is no limit to how many you can carry, so just grab them whenever you see them on the ground or on a corpse.

Another unique mechanic is the personal supply box. Every game, about halfway through, a box will drop onto the map that is designed specifically for your class you’re currently using. It will usually have an upgraded version of the weapon the game wants you to use, along with any items you wish. Yes, you can actually add up to six additional items to the box, making it more costly, but allowing for a potential huge power spike in the mid-game.

While this game does offer for a lot of new iterations on the same formula, this is still very new and has its own issues. We’re only about a little over a month since it was released and there is already a huge cheating problem (who would’ve guessed). But the developers seem adamant about doing their best to fix it, so yay, I suppose. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but hit registration feels awful. Sometimes you melt people, and other times you won’t hit them once. Either way, it’s something myself and others seem to agree on. It’s one of the things I harped on the most when I did their survey for the game online. I like it, but it definitely needs more love, which it sounds like it’s getting, which is nice. This could be a great game to come back too every once in a while, and just mess around and have fun. Hopefully, the issues that they are aware of get resolved sooner than later. It may be just another battle royale, but it’s different enough to warrant checking out. It’s also free, meaning no real barrier of entry. Either way, I’m excited at the prospect of having another new interesting BR to play on the side with all the other games on the horizon.

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