Super Nintendo or Playstation 2?

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What is the best system of all time?

Super Nintendo or Playstation 2?

When it comes to what was the best system of all time, it usually comes down to 2. There is the Super Nintendo and the Playstation 2 (though a lot of people would argue n64 should be on the list). Both are great systems that deserve the title but we are here to pick one. I will give my vote at the end but let me know what you think. And for your vote you cannot include PS 1 games on the backwards compatible PS 2. It has to be based solely on Playstation 2 titles (but don't worry there are a lot of them).

Super Nintendo:

I would say this was Nintendo in its prime but Nintendo is still going strong. With the exception of some ps1 games you had the best 2D gaming on the snes. There was Super Mario World which took Super Mario 3 to another level. You had Super Metroid and the Mega Man X series. And then there was the Donkey Kong Country games which are still a blast to play today. Besides side-scrollers you had some of the top RPGs like FF6, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. There were beat em ups like Final Fight, puzzle games like Tetris Attack and the fighting game we all spent hours playing Street Fighter 2. Who could forget NBA Jam and other fun sports games? From Star Fox to the Star Wars games, this system had something for everyone. This was the console that brought the arcade home, and although it was not as good as the arcade experience, it did a good job of emulating the titles you spent your quarters on. It was also a great console to play with a friend and as the games were at the top of the 2d lifespan, they still age really well. You can still pick up a Super Nintendo and it would be as fun as it ever was.

Playstation 2:

You might not know how many great games on the PS2 if you didn't look. Let's start with the masterpiece that is Silent Hill 2, that has a story of incredible depth. When it came to fighting games there was Soul Calibur 2 and there are countless RPGs including Dragon Quest 8. You got GTA 3 and San Andreas which changed the open world games. This is the console with Resident Evil 4 arguably one of the beset in the franchise and Metal Gear 3. There was the artistic Ico and Shadow of the Colossus games, both of which you should play if you get the chance. There were a lot of great games to compete with Mario including the game I have yet to play, Psychonauts. And also a list of sports games. What makes PS2 one of the best consoles is the sheer number of games on it, over 3,800. When it came to story games this was one of the best consoles and really showed why Sony has a place in the market.

I am going to give my vote to Super Nintendo personally but that might be more nostalgia.

How about you? And if you want to throw a vote in for another system feel free.

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