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Sumire For Nintendo Switch

by Caitie Lamb 2 months ago in nintendo

Game Review: Sumire

Screencap from the game, Sumire for Nintendo Switch

I decided to try a more indie-type game and found Sumire. The art in the trailer intrigued me. I never really play any calming games other than games on my phone or if you count Pokémon Snap as a calming game. It actually felt nice to play a different type of game for once.

The beginning is a little sad as she talks about how her grandmother died and how her life seems a little rough even telling a magical seed that she hopes its life is more beautiful than hers. It's just a little depressing. After telling that she falls asleep only to wake up and see that what she planted has grown overnight. Not only that, but she can speak with the suspicious flower. The flower proceeds to tell her that it only has one day of life and that the young girl (Sumire, who you are playing as) has to help it. After this scene was when I realized the game gave you choices. Which is what made me stay and play.

Flat-Earthers will not enjoy this game too much as the graphics and platform makes it look very curved as if she's walking on well... the planet!

This game made me cry... Like a lot. Like I don't want to spoil everything and every scene but I do want to give a very thorough review. Just know, this is a very bittersweet game that will have you on your toes and feeling like an empath. You will feel her feelings as if they were your own. I feel like the creators knew exactly what they were doing with this script. And the animation is beyond beautiful.

You think it would get better more upbeat but it is so sad at times. Especially when you get to meet Chie; oh and then you meet Kenji. Not going to lie I got super angry during that scene so fair warning. In all honesty, this game will have you feeling every type of emotion you can think of!

There was also a super cute mini-game! It was fun and it explained a little bit more. It helped keep this game from being boring! There are quite a bit of mini-games throughout the game as well. At first, the mini games are confusing but you'll be able to understand shortly after starting them what's going on.

There are parts in this game that I do believe feel a little dark so I would suggest 13+ as the rating for ESRB. I can't remember what they rated it if they did but I do believe some children could be traumatized but it isn't gory just dark in nature. Also when you play, be aware and take all the clues you can get into consideration, just a tip for playing!

This game actually taught me some things too... You never know when it is your last day. So live life every day ready to face challenges and make everything you say, count! Help others, be kind. I'm pretty sure that was the message they were trying to convey in this gorgeous story. I am unsure whether or not there are alternate endings! But by the choices, I believe

The ending will make you cry like a baby, but it is WORTH PLAYING! I paid $14.99 for this game and I think you should too to be quite honest. It was amazing. I played it in ONE SETTING! But be emotionally prepared... Because I definitely wasn't.

Overall I give this game a 100/10. It broke my scale in and it also beat my expectations! I hope that it exceeds yours as well!

Caitie Lamb
Caitie Lamb
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Caitie Lamb

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