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Spectarium, an AI-Infused RPG Company, raises more than $5 million and launches Eyes 2024.

Spectarium: The Finnish RPG Studio Leading the AI Gaming Revolution

By shani jayPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Spectarium aims to harness the power of AI to offer a new, individualized approach to action RPGs.SPECTARIUM

Spectarium - The next generation RPG specialist is ready to revolutionize gambling with their location based adventure at the core of Helsinki cityscape. It’s raised a record-breaking seed-fundraising round of €5 million to become the first ‘studio as a service’ for remote-first developers. This is driven by a team of visionaries. Given this generous supply of funding, Spectarium is intending to offer an innovative gaming experience; as their very first launch “Myths”, seems no less than revolutionary.

Some sources also say that other Plarium founders — Romain Schneider, Mark Peterson, and Avi and Gabi Shalel — were involved in the development of the game as well. They’ve got a veteran team onboard who has done work for some giant companies in the gaming industry (EA, Epic Games, Riot Games, Square Enix), bringing years of expertise and experience along with them to bear. And, in the company’s most recent funding win, joined by Delphi Digital and Framework Ventures, BITKRAFT Ventures led the way.

Spectarium launches its first title “Myths” and introduces gamers to a new kind of Action Role-Playing game. The title uses classic mythology along with vintage RPGs as an inspiration for the design philosophy of having fun without boundaries. This game has something different that differentiates from other RPGs- the game’s units, tools and gateways can absorb the characteristics of the van A place in the history books is assured for players who become the first ever player characters to confront and conquer mythical bosses in the world of massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). And they too get the chance of having, owning, upgrading & sharing their powers among all members of Mythology community.

And Spectarium’s true genius appears in the revolutionary union of smartness and narrative. By implementing an AI that creates a storyline dynamically adapting to each player action and to changes in the gameworld makes the player the center of attention and creates a very personalized experience. And this is exactly where mythology separates itself, similar to what TikTok does with its algorithm to serve content to users.

Consider the following scenario: One player explores the mysterious complexities of deep-diving Mayan temples while another players takes an epic journey to battle in the hallowed lands of Valhalla. With this new system of dynamic storytelling, each player’s playthrough should be a unique and immersive experience (which, in turn, redefines the RPG genre).

Co-founded by Romain Schneider, co-founder and CEO of Spectarum is dedicating itself to building cross-platform, mainstream games the casual players all around the world enjoy. They want to seamlessly blend beautiful design with dynamically generated content so that each user has a unique unbounded experience.

“With its model, the gaming economy will be changed,” says Jasper Brand, partner with BITKRAFT Ventures. Add some new ARPG mechanics on top, and their creation provides unlimited opportunities to create your own tailored gaming experiences. With its deep pool of global IP — mythology from across all cultures, Spectarium speaks to millions of players on multiple platforms — and announces a Game Revolution.

Beyond its game development ambitions, Seed Round funds will be used for growing an already competent team of them. Fascinatingly, they include into the equation “Feel Good Officer” and “Feel Good KPI System” so as to keep up elevated spirits and maintenance, additionally for drawing in elite ability.

With the global gaming community anxiously awaiting “Myths” at its soft release 2024, Spectarium is set to change game. AI and dynamic script play the leading roles in their adventures to provide an immersive and one-of-a-kind gaming experience that might just change what gaming means for us all. Make sure you follow this page because we’re going down some cool and unexplored gaming paths.

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