Somehow, My SNES Calls My Name Louder Than My Xbox One X

by Brian C. about a year ago in vintage

Are Retro Games Inherently Better?

Somehow, My SNES Calls My Name Louder Than My Xbox One X

I wonder if our children will have the same reaction to current gen games as we have to our generation of games?To be clear, I am currently running an Xbox One X on a 75" OLED 4k screen, with a 1200 watt surround-sound home theater system; and while everything looks and sounds magnificent, there's still something that constantly draws me to my bedroom in search of my Super Nintendo and the game we all loved to play when we were kids.

I find myself, more often then not, scrolling through my massive Xbox game collection; Currently 427 titles strong, and it's exceptionally easy for me to come to the conclusion that "I have nothing to play on the Xbox."

I tell you, my mother would shake her head in disappointment if she knew I had 427 games on the damn Xbox. Which leads into my point, where did all the replay value go on video games? We're what? 37 years past the first Mario Brother's game on the Nintendo? And I would confidently say that it's next to impossible to find someone who wouldn't pick that game up and play it for half an afternoon yet again.

Same with the Super Nintendo, pick up any great title from that console and find me a person not willing to have a go at their old favorites. (Super Mario World, MarioKart, A Link to the Past)—just to name a few more common ones.

It's hard to match the great memories that were created by those older systems, and albeit that the new generation of gaming has provided some very pleasing experiences, some new game styling plays, and the addition of online and tournament play, they just don't have the same nostalgic feel that hooking up your Sega Master System, Genesis, or Dreamcast had and still has to this day.

I deem myself a new collector of that nostalgia; I have gathered myself a Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Wii, Atari 5200, and a pile of games for each of them.

While I admittedly have most of them in boxes, the Super Nintendo and N64 remains hooked up to the 55" TV in my bedroom. Both of them constantly call out for me, pulling me away from the current gen graphics, sound, and gameplay that the Xbox One X has, despite being a warrior in BlackOps 3, there's still something that it can't compete with...

So for now, I'm going to let you listen to the jingle of your favorite retro game as it's undoubtedly ringing through your head. Me and Mario are going to go punch some Yoshis in the back of the head and stomp on unsuspecting turtles so that we can use their dead bodies as weapons.

Brian C.
Brian C.
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