Skyrim Builds Weekly: The DarkFlash

by Brent Salmon 15 days ago in rpg

Making Your Own SuperFast Assassin In Skyrim

Skyrim Builds Weekly: The DarkFlash
His speed is a real killer...

This is my first character build write up for Skyrim. I’ve done probably over a hundred builds, but this was really the one I fell in love with lately. I’ll detail his race, standing stone(s), stats, a Roleplaying history for him I came up with that you can use at your leisure, Magic, his gear, mods used to make him, and console chicanery used to tweak his gear if you just want to get into it without trudging through it all. Note this build is a modded build for PC Skyrim Special Edition with all the DLC etc.

Race: Nord, most common race in Skyrim, arguably pretty racist and not the nicest people. The resistance to cold would help a speedster somewhat.

Standing stone(s): you can use the Lover stone to boost his learning, or the Warrior or Thief stones to boost his learning abilities in those areas, or start out with the Shadow stone and it’s brief invisibility power and roleplay it like super speed vibrating to be invisible.

Stat Split: You can put everything in magicka for his non-enchanted powers, he doesn’t really need anything put into stamina and his health shouldn’t be super high since the Flash is traditionally kind of a glass cannon.

Story: Basically, he’s a Nord beggar and petty criminal who happened to stumble on a treasure trove in the basement of a house he was robbing after killing its elderly inhabitant. That trove was the gear he’d use to become the DarkFlash, the fastest killer in Skyrim. He’d side with the Stormcloaks in the rebellion, but probably wouldn’t bother to get involved. Same with he Main Questline, becoming the legendary savior of Skyrim probably wouldn’t interest him as there’s not much profit in it and fame doesn’t suit his lifestyle. You could get the slow time shout as that related to fast reflexes.

Magic: For magic spells he should have anything related to electricity that’s projective from his body, nothing summoning lightning or the like, and the shock aura type spells are up to you. I also play him with muffle and invisibility like how in comics speedsters will vibrate super-fast so as to be invisible. Any time slowing related spells. Self-healing spells too. And the Flesh spells if you’re so inclined.


Better Jumping This should be the first thing in everyone’s mod list. It gives you a sprint jump and some other options.

Hidden Knuckles Because you should be able to beat people down.

Jaxonz Renamer to keep everything nice and simple in his gear:

Dwemer Goggles and Scouter for his look but also you might want to use the “Dwemer vision” time slowing power.

Phenderix Magic World for some of the spells and enchantments it has

Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim for more spells and enchantments

Console Chicanery: I used the console commands to spawn his gear the way I want it mostly. You can find guides online for how to do it. You can get exact numbers for enchant levels based on spawning your equipment when you’re at that level. If your enchanting level is 577 and you spawn gear that boosts max health, it’ll boost your health by 577 points when you wear it. I used the console to set his enchanting skill to where I wanted it before spawning each piece of gear.

I used an Elven helmet because it’s golden and looks winged and like something a flash would wear. The shock resistance and fire resistance are explained in the photo and are somewhat appropriate for a speedster.

As said in the photo, the goggles are really just there to give him a lore-friendly complete look. Blocking dust and wind when running. As said above, the mod has a scouter as well that allows for time slowing, which would fit a Flash.

As explained in the photo, his attacks are actually three times (300%) faster, not 20%, however this one was tricky. I had to spawn in the “Worn” version of shrouded armor since it has no enchantments (you can’t spawn enchanted gear with new enchantments using the console). Also, when you spawn in the enchantment for faster striking, it’s a MULTIPLIER for your enchanting skill. So if your enchanting skill is 15, this item would make you attacked 15 times faster and possibly crash your game. Set your enchanting skill to only THREE if you spawn this.

I should have put these enchantments on the boots and vice versa, but oh well. No fall damage comes from the Dragonborn DLC and even though it says 0 seconds, that’s enough. And you’ll need it because even with normal jumps you’ll go sailing at super speed.

The Flash can run across water, this uses Ahzidal’s waterwalking boots enchantment. Even though it says 0 seconds it actually lasts forever as you can see.

For the enhanced striking speed enchantment to work, you need to have weapons and there aren’t any hand to hand ones. The hidden knuckles mod remedies this AND you can use the console to enchant them.

I believe this enchant Fortify Speed, comes from the Phenderix Mod and it impacts walking, running, and sprinting speed.

I pretty much gave up fast travelling with this build, it’s just so much more fun racing across the world.

1000 points of stamina is enough to last you for a LONG time when running, and the 1000% regen makes you instantly recover if you stop (you will be stopping often from running into stuff, but it doesn’t really break the flow or the fun).

So that’s my DarkFlash build, I hope you have fun making and playing it. I know I did and am. The elven gear I went with because it’s gold-ish and winged like a Flash uniform would have, the Dark Brotherhood armor was the only sleek, lore-friendly armor that was red and that was what actually inspired me to take him in a morally dark direction.

Brent Salmon
Brent Salmon
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