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Sims 4: Maxis Match Uniform CC and HSY to buy or not to buy

Starring Cloud Cat's CC

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read

Can you imagine my excitement? From working on an academy sims lit story when the High School Years pack is released? I thought a long-time wish of mine had finally manifested!

High School Years is a pack that finally allows you to designate buildings as schools! Instead of your teen sims getting spirited away on a school bus you can now follow them to school!

Why I fell out of love with the HSY pack. And I didn't even buy it yet.

I never cared for Prom, to have a prom at school, in fact didn't even attend- even when I was asked. The fact there were mods out allowing you to pick and choose staff as well as which uniforms students could wear to school, tells me the pack fell short. Why?

A lot of schools don't have proms it's an American thing(IK its held in like 5 different countries but mostly), also many high schoolers in different countries wear uniforms. Maybe some players want to experience American proms, but for me, American high school life is overrated.

Also when making a sim, there are outfit tabs, you can dress your sims for different occasions, formal occassion, casual party, everyday and even according to the weather-

pic from here

it was a HUGE missed opportunity for them to not add a student uniform outfit tab for teen sims.

Here's another reason why I'm bothered. In older sims games, private schools existed, they wore uniforms. And also in the Snowy Escape pack, so long as a sim is in the Komorebi world- sims change into uniforms before heading out to school. Yes, teens.

So if a uniform is assigned to a world, why did this pack not introduce a new feature where sims could customize uniforms based off the school they're attending- why does a cc creator, have to pick up after them and do this for them?

Why I might download HSY/ or University Life

In my current world, I have multiple rooms in my school for different classes- my school is an academy, a correctional facility for misfits and an all girl's school at that. But the school in HSY doesn't last long, there's like what four periods? Then sims can go home or stay after school to participate in clubs.

So I can't really use HSY due to my playing style.

If... there was an academy/ private school mode pack that allowed us to have dorms within a school I would be able to use this pack.

I know you can create dorms if you buy the University life pack but... I don't know much about dorm lots in university life. Can I make big builds or is there still issues with pathing?

I've noticed on lots (outside of university life pack), when there is a lot of functional furniture(if you make a big build), the pathing of the sims becomes... disappointing.

Ex: There's a fridge in your room, but the sims goes to another room far away to use it's fridge.


-It takes the fun out of making big builds.

I'm thinking that if I did buy the pack, I would have to buckle down on the clubs feature to have my teen sims stay after school...

OR should I just download university life and make my school a dorm?... But then, sims would no longer be able to do whatever they wanted on that lot right? I'm torn guys. I may have to just give HSY a try.

I hope someone makes a mod where you can have a dorm and a school on the same lot! If there is please leave a comment!

Wait, why am I writing this if I'm not going to download High School Years then?

Well, because of the sims lit story I'm working on, and also for the mod I just mentioned. Lot 51's Fashion Authority Mod, a mod that allows you to create uniforms for students. For other simmers out there looking for uniforms. Tag along.

Because I have multiple students from different schools in my sims story gameplay. I use a bunch of different uniforms and always keep my eye out for new ones.

I'm done rambling here's my list of Uniform CC


This creator is my bread and butter, their aesthetic, the neat and preppy way her clothes look totally appeals to me. Almost everything she makes suits my playing style and just happens to be what I'm looking for so understand my love of the fact. She released a lot of cc for uniforms while I was out of state away from my pc, I really wanted to cry. I need these for my sims! Btw their cc is free. No worries.

Mostly interested in the top but for others looking for a uniform set, check this out.

This also came out while I was out of state. I had my eye on it for a while but sadly haven't had the chance to download it yet.

A Japanese type male type uniform... was it called gakuen? Am I wrong?

This is the uniforms that made me want to cry. It's beautiful. I fell for those knitted maxis match sweater vests so hard it's ridiculous.

They have a long version but it screams teacher to me. I think this could be used as a uniform... but I won't say it is one.

They're sneakers and they look dirty, worn. It's perfect.

This two piece was too cute to ignore, I think it could be used as a uniform or the top could be switched out. I think if cloudcat made a more obvious version with a tie or bow, some creators make separate bow and tie cc so you can still make good use of this blouse if you try.

Including men! We gotta remember that simmers, make creating male sims great again!

This was the original version. I fell in love with the asymmetrical version but also like the plain colors it can be used for many sims! Now that I'm looking at this list my frustration of being away from my pc is building because I want to hurry up and download these and play...

The following below are cc I've already downloaded.

If there weren't any embroidery on the collar or if it was a different color, I'd feel more comfortable using it.

Would look good on a teacher. Or an all-girls university student.

Would look good on any student and also a teacher.

The skirts and the blouse on the left, as well as the socks, could also be used. The right could be used by an older student or teacher...

This sweater is cropped so find a high waisted skirt or bottom if you don't want the mid-riff showing to pair with and complete a uniform, as you can see the skirt from the previous outfit I just showed pairs nicely with this...

It's a maid uniform but I also think it could be used in historical builds, maybe the uniform for an orphan or a school uniform in olden times you know?

I love me a good cardigan and skirt combo, I use these more often on most of my sims...

I don't use this skirt as much as I experienced some clipping. If you don't mind carry on. Since I'm mostly taking pictures though, it doesn't show up so I don't care.

I use these blazers religiously. This was probably the first item they released on their patreon, but I recognize that skirt from a more recent release... they really planned out what to release really well huh? Gotta respect a well-organized creator.


Oh, you thought I was done?

Inspired by the NEW Gossip Girl, not the old one. I know, I was super excited at first, but still just as excited when I saw the uniforms were still gorgeous.

Still if there's any cc creators out there...please, watch old gossip girl. The queens of personalizing uniform fashion.

Sorry, I'm done. With GG that is.


Cooper 322

Another witchy uniform.

anlam 1991

A huge fan of the top!


Y'all already know. Trillyke always delivers.


I know little about them other than that I loved these boots and wanted them for my sims... inspires goth or dreary orphan sim story.

Magnolian Farewell

Giving girls university and olden times kind of feel.


I don't use this but it could be used for a student or a teacher. There's also a sleeveless version.

Can you feel the school vibes?

I think I've said too much, There will be a sequel perhaps...

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