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Sims 4| Maxis Match Uniform CC (2!): Buy New Packs At Your Own Risk

These days I just stick with mods and my imagination.

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 months ago 8 min read

EA seems to keep using the same old trick for years now and simmers seem to keep falling for it. It's time to wake up people. Things won't start getting better until we put our feet down. And I mean it.

Some of you might be thinking, what is she talking about?

The packs people. The. Packs.

When the Sims 4 For Rent expansion pack first came out- a pack that allowed others to have proper apartments. I remember how excited everyone was, only then for the hopes and dreams to be shattered once again by the number of bugs that came with the game.

Currently other simmers have testified that downloading the new packs will only end up permanently damaging your game. So if there's any of you out there thinking of buying Wedding Stories, For Rent, High School Years, I strongly advise you to always, always, ALWAYS take to Youtube and watch reviews. Listen carefully to the types of bugs and side effects that will start happening to your game before you waste your money and end up ruining your Sims 4 experience forever!

I know for some of you it might be hard, especially when the pack represents your culture and offers new furniture you've always wanted, new worlds especially. But you can't. I mean you can, but why settle?

To this day I have still not bought High School Years yet, because although I really want the new lots, vending machine, cafeteria stuff, and the window that lets your teen sneak down outside- I still don't feel that it's entirely worth it. Because think about it, and I mean really think about how it will affect your game.

Back in the day sims games were complete, and you want to know why? Because that's what developers cared about. Completeness. Now, they're just after money.

These days, the Sims 4 keeps making "New" packs, that aren't actually new, they're re-charging you over and over for the same concepts that should ALL be in the same packs.

For Example:

City Living-

everything mentioned below fits under its umbrella.

Sims 4 Get Together- I was surprised to know Get Together and City living were not the same packs! I confuse them all the time. They are so similar. It unlocks the world of Windenburg a German inspired world that I love dearly and do not regret purchasing, even though the buildings aren't all that, but the world building- the streets were really nice in my opinion and reminds me of the brief time I lived in Germany.

With this pack a "club" feature is unlocked, so if you want to make a gang of friends or rivaling enemy group, you can. City and community is this pack's theme.

Sims 4 City Living - unlocks the city world San Myshuno.

Your sims can live in apartments. And one would think you'd be able to do city things but all you're able to do is take part in festivals, sing at karaoke bars, there's nothing really interesting about this pack because it barely scratches the surface of city living. So basically this pack's theme is city and community as well. I barely use this world, because although I like it, I feel it should have been bigger and have more things like convenience stores, super markets, movie theaters, fast food places, just MORE. We got nothing. Sticking around in this world for too long depresses me.

Sims 4 For Rent- It unlocks the city of Tomarang, a world inspired by Thailand, Phillipines, and Taiwan(correct me if I'm wrong).

With this pack comes the feature to be a landlord or tenant You can live in duplexes, apartments and town homes, finally being able to manage multi-family dwellings and build them yourself! You could not do that in city living for some reason.

In city living, you are only able to customize the interior of your apartment, you are never allowed to build an apartment from scratch which is totally whack. The problem is City Living was made so long ago that I think many simmers forgot this feature should have been in City Living to begin with, we all got excited over finally getting something we wanted but forgot why we wanted it- because it wasn't in City Living. It has the same theme as City Living and Get Together.

Sims 4 Get Famous-

Unlocks the world Del Sol Valley and unlocks new professions like acting, allowing you to become a celebrity not just for acting but pre-existing careers like painting, and social media.

Why I think this pack should also be in the city living pack is because in the city, there's opportunity. Opportunities to get famous. And so this pack feels like it's only adding onto another layer that is city living.

Now let's move onto the more obvious examples of packs that are basically the same thing.

Sims 4 Cottage Living and Sims 4 Horse Ranch.

Sims 4 Cottage Living basically unlocks a countryside world filled with cottages and farms, and Horse Ranch similarly so with ranches. But the thing that ticks me off is-

There's goats in the the Sims 4 Horse Ranch pack, something that should have been in cottage living. So now players who want goats would feel tempted to buy Horse Ranch even if they don't want horses. EA knows exactly what they're doing.

Then there's Sims 4 Parenthood, toddler stuff, backyard stuff, first fits kit, and Sims 4 Growing Together. I'm not mad at it, but they are all both family related packs. But I'm not mad at it for all being separated.

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, and Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff Packs.

Sims 4 Dine Out, and Home Chef Hustle.

Why are we getting re-charged over and over for packs that are basically the same thing? All you're doing is feeding us one crumb after another, deliberately starving us so that we go crazy over the next crumb presented.

But there I've said my peace. Let's move on to the real reason you're all here (hopefully).

More Maxis Match Uniform CC

Still looking for custom content to make your sims having interesting school lives?


I said it before that cloudcat is my bread and butter and I'll say it again. Even after the last post I did, they still continued to release uniform content that was better than before. How can I not love them?

The Sailor Series

Starting with the sailor top. In the past they've already released the skirt. Simmers can finally recreate their Japanese high school life fantasies with this.

In case you didn't want to download two separate pieces, we have the sailor dress! Only this time with long and short sleeve versions for winter and summer seasons!

Here we have a skirt to go with the sailor shirt.

The Copperdale Sets

cloudcat made two copperdale sets of uniforms for High School Years.

1. Featuring a nostalgic tunic and blouse set of uniforms. And-

2. A set for boys!

Also remember the Neon Genesis Evangelion school uniform set?

They also have a uniform for boys now. That's right guys you've finally been included! Go wild!

The Madoka Magica School Uniform Set

Now when I saw this I naturally fell hard but I woke up to reality after downloading it and realizing how huge those bows were. No shade to cloudcat as they recreated the original look, but I'd recommend this uniform for preteens because the huge bows feel rather childish- so I will definitely use these uniforms for specifically childish and innocent young sims. One could even argue it would be better suited as a child uniform.

A summer/spring season version for the school uniform sets were made and I still have mixed feelings about the super sized bows. There are plain versions of the shirts thankfully.

And then lastly my ultimate favorite.

It's giving girl's academy. Prestigious all girl's school. Ultimate elegance!


Firstly, for dance school students. It took my mind back to cartoons like Angelina Ballerina and Princess Tutu, making me want to make Ahiru and Rue just to see them in these cute, elegant and sexy outfits.

Now you might be thinking that in the Sims 4 you can't do ballet. You are right but there is a mod by MercuryFoam. The mod allows you to use a ballet barre to dance. There are also other ballet mods I won't mention because I personally haven't tried them.

Secondly for teachers and school librarians. I experienced clipping with one of of the clothing pieces but that just might be my computer, I'm not sure.


A dress that gives girl's orphanage.


They are a creator I recently discovered this year and fell hard for. They deserve all the love in the world!

A set perfect for super rich and scandalous teachers and students. Sadly nothing for guys though.

Thank you so much for reading this far and I hope you like the goodies I brought with me today!

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