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REVIEW: Electro Ride The Neon Racing

by Jingjing Wang 9 months ago in product review
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Electro Ride: The Neon Racing is a wonderfully vibrant and unique racing game from the one-man developer, Sylwester Osik

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing is a wonderfully vibrant and unique racing game from the one-man developer, Sylwester Osik. The player will travel to different locations around the world in order to become the fastest driver in this neon-coloured world.

First, I have to mention the game's outstanding visuals. Brightly lit and brightly coloured, the game gives each environment a Tron feel. This game is unique and beautiful.

The boosters are the only power-up available in the game. They are unique enough to compensate for the absence of other power-ups. There are three colors of speed boosters for each race: blue, yellow, or pink. Each booster can be accessed by collecting a colored disc.

The booster must match the correct colour to speed up the player. A pink disc can be used to boost a player's speed. These power-ups are just as important as the visuals. They add to the uniqueness of the game. While the graphics are the main thing that players notice, the game's most important aspect is its gameplay. It succeeds in this regard for the most part.

Electro Ride offers four modes for players to choose from: Story Mode (last man standing), Split Screen, Quick Race, and Split Screen. All of these modes are set in the same places and must be completed three laps each location in Story Mode. Last Man Standing pits the player against AI racers. The last racer to finish the track wins. Quick Race is a fast race around a track. It does exactly what it says. This mode allows you to quickly see the controls in a safe, empty environment.

Split Screen Mode allows players race against each other. This mode was especially enjoyable for someone who enjoys split-screen games and offline multiplayer. Last Man Standing was my favorite of all the modes. It's also true that the game offers a lot of content.

The sheer amount of gameplay is too great to ignore.Electro RideThe most serious problem is the oversensitive controls. Controls are crucial in games because they provide an interactive experience. If you do this wrong, the game will not be as fun as it should. It's unfortunate that this sentence is applicable to you.Electro Ride: The Neon Racing.

To get to grips with the controls, I opened the game and tried a Quick Race. Then things went sour. The car moves in a straight line and there are no issues. The car suddenly seems to be being driven by SpongeBob Squarepants when the direction button is pressed. It veers off the track or over a barrier very quickly.

Sometimes it takes some time for the car's problems to be fixed. This is assuming the player can steer the car correctly after they get out of control. You can straighten the car on the track by pressing the Y key. However, this can sometimes delay the process and result in you losing several places in a race. This issue isn’t too annoying in Quick Races, but it can be a problem in Story Mode where the player is pitted against different vehicles. These issues cannot be avoided and can sometimes send your car off the track. Although the game offers different cars with different speeds, brake power and brake power options, this issue is present in all vehicles.

Electro Ride - The Neon Racing is a great game with tons of unique features and a lot of gameplay content. The game's oversensitive controls are a problem and can be frustrating. This is a shame, because the game has a lot to offer. It is just frustrating that the controls slow it down.

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