Read The Story Of Saladin And The Iron Lords In Destiny: Rise of Iron (Light Spoiler Warning)

The lore you will learn will make you want to keep on playing Destiny through Iron Lords and into Destiny 2.

Read The Story Of Saladin And The Iron Lords In Destiny: Rise of Iron (Light Spoiler Warning)

The Iron Banner is renown for its wares and for the challenge it welcomes Guardians to, but it is also known for it role in keeping traditions alive among the Guardians. At the helm of it is the Iron Lord himself: Lord Saladin Forge. But, what do we know about him? The lore you will learn will make you want to keep on playing Destiny through Iron Lords and into Destiny 2.

Do you know if his trials and tribulations fighting against a fierce foe known as SIVA? What about his secrets that he had to lock away for the safety of humanity? Perhaps you are ready to know him as the expansion "Rise of Iron" has now gotten underway and players are taking to its new stories and the new Supremacy PvP mode. So lets get to know Lord Saladin a bit better.

"Nothing born is born strong. I know I began weak, the same as you. I don't care if you're an Exo, staring at that number and wondering where you've come from. Or a Human hungry to understand the ancient world that left you for dead. Or an Awoken reborn in the very essence of what your people hide from. Together, we're the pointed end of a long stick of happenstance. Change one ripple in an ancient ocean and we would never have been granted the Light within us, or the good Ghosts that want to help us." Humble origins, Lord Saladin

The Iron Lords Fighting Against the SIVA Threat.

Lord Saladin is the Last of the Iron Lords

His past has almost been secret until now, but Lord Saladin is the last standing member of the Iron Lords. It was in the opening moments of The Rise of Iron that we got to see the true trials and tribulations of the Iron Lords. Whether it was Saladin watching his fellow Iron Lord Jolder seal herself in a SIVA infested complex or even his remorse for his secrets he had sealed away with time.

The Rise of Iron has given us a look at what had happened to lead to this event. During the Golden Age of humanity, Lord Saladin and his comrades discovered a self-replicating nanotechnology titled SIVA. SIVA would offer them a new defense against enemies they'd never expected to fight. Unfortunately, SIVA turned against Lord Saladin and the Iron Lords and needed to be contained. With their inability to control or even destroy this techno-virus, they sealed it deep within the facilities below the Earth's surface.

Even with his casualties noted, Lord Saladin remains vigilante as he looks on to recruit new Iron Lords to help defend Earth and stop the SIVA threat as it resurfaces due to the Fallen.

An Iron Wolf Sniffing a Dead Ghost.

The Iron Banner Carries on Old Traditions

As many of you by now know, the Iron Banner exists in order to honor the Iron Lords who fell during the SIVA outbreak. Doing so, players have gotten to take on the equipment that remains a respectful nod to those who fell. Weapons, armor, and even artifacts that can be obtained by participating. However, the one thing a lot of people asked, what makes the Iron Banner so special? Do read on, Guardian.

The Iron Banner is a way for Guardian's to show their unique combat prowess. In many ways, it's their training grounds. It's a way for the best of the best to shine among the rest. Think of it as weeding out the lesser talented ones for the sake of lore. It is also a place for the former Iron Lords to be honored due to their passing while protecting the world from SIVA.

How Did He Play Into the Battle of the Twilight Gap?

For many, it'd be a surprise to find out his true role at one point. Lord Saladin Forge, at one time, was the Vanguard leader with both Shaxx and Zavala learning under his guidance.

For those that don't know the relevance, let's look a bit more into the Battle of the Twilight Gap before going into that. It's not uncommon to go past the Twilight Gap while on a Sparrow, but what many don't know is that they're passing by one of the greatest battlefields ever fought on in Destiny.

The battle took place just outside the City as one would expect. The assault was lead by the Kell from the House of Kings whom had manipulated other Houses of Fallen into joining him. At the head of the charge is the all-too-familiar House of Devils, the ones gone to SIVA infested in this latest expansion. Due to this assault, The House of Wolves were called upon, but could not join as the Queen and her Awoken caught them off guard.

The goal of the Fallen's assault was to capture the Traveler, so Vanguard Commander Saladin Forge led a counter-offensive charge against the Fallen. As Fallen Walkers fought against the City's turret defense systems, the Vanguard and the Guardians were armed with the Thunderlord in order to fight off the Fallen's offensive. The Thunderlord left a mass grave of Fallen in the aftermath of the battle, but the Vanguard ultimately lost the fort they were defending. In response, Lord Shax led the counterattack, which removed the Fallen from the City.

In remembrance for those who died Iron Lord Feizel Crux commemorated the Guardians who died by forging the legendary Gjallarhorn from pieces of their armor. In wake of the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Lord Shaxx created the Crucible in order to train a new generation of Guardians that can help protect the city from future threats. In light of the events, Zavala and Saladin Forge remain close friends. On the opposite end, Lord Shaxx and Lord Saladin remain distant, but familiar with one another. For now, the Lord of Iron himself remains carrying on tradition while training the newest of his Iron Lords and defending Earth's frontier.

What do you know of Lord Saladin? Do you think he will step down as an Iron Lord or do you think he'll remain right where he is?

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