'Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky' Update

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'Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky' Update

Recently Ubisoft rolled out their Year 3 Season 3 Operation Grim Sky update to all platforms. Here I plan on talking about the two new operators, the game play since the update, and whatever else pops into my head.

The two new operators this season are an attacker and defender Maverick and Clash, unlike last season where we got two defenders for Para Bellum who were both Italian. Maverick is an American operator who is a specialist when it comes to tactical operations and Clash is a British cop. What we also got with this update is a map rework of Hereford Base. They call it a rework but it looks like a completely different map now and I have yet to even learn a small part of it.

American Op: Maverick

Attacker Maverick's special ability is a relatively silent blowtorch. He can burn through reinforced walls or hatches silently even with a Bandit battery on the other side or Mute jammer. He's not a hard breacher like Thermite or Hibana but is another pick besides Thatcher for those jammers, batteries, or even just for kill holes. He does have around 5 canisters of fuel I believe and you will go through that quick. If you try to make a man-sized hole in a wall you'll be using all of your fuel to do so. How this torch works is really simple, obviously, but you have to move kind of slow when burning through walls or else you'll waste your fuel and not even make a hole if you move too fast so you need to be close and have a steady hand. I've seen people completely destroy a reinforced hatch with one swipe of his torch but I'm not really sure how to do that or if it's a bug. He is a one armor, three speed operator so he can't tank a lot of bullets but he is a fast boy. His primary weapon choices are an AR-15 and an M4, his secondary is a 1911 TACOPS and his other two gadget choices are a claymore and smoke grenades. I think his icon is fairly nice as well and he's a clean cut operator for Rainbow.

British Op: Clash

First of all, clash does not look good at all. I think they pointed her nose a little too much and the decision to leave her with no hair was a mistake. I think she should at least have a fade of some sort here. They missed a good opportunity with that.

Defender Clash's ability is the use of her full body CCE Shield that is impenetrable and not only shocks you but slows you down as well. Now, I know I'm not the only one who is familiar with how shields work in Siege. Trying to kill someone with a shield is impossible until you are the one with the shield. That's about how Clash works for me most of the time. Her shield will shock for a small amount of damage but it reaches pretty far which I think should be nerfed just a bit. There's not much to her ability and she isn't very exciting but she's very mouthy when she's shocking people or putting her shield in front of her. She's a sassy girl. You cannot pull your weapon out with your shield up, you can't crouch or vault, just like Monty when his shield is extended. Clash's secondary options are the P-10C and the SPSMG9 with her gadgets being barbed wire or impact grenades. I've seen many people roam as Clash and die fairly quickly but she's best paired with an actual roamer such as Caveira or Jäger, as opposed to going off alone because she is a one speed and three armor operator.


As of right now the main problem I've noticed is game crashes on Xbox One. Every other match the game freezes and closes itself out then our whole friend group has to leave the match and pick whoever's game crashed back up. It is nothing to do with connection or internet, it is something within the game since the last update. Something else that is never brought to attention it seems because it's so exploited, is Ash's hit box. Ash has no head and bullets curve around her body at all times. I'm exaggerating of course but not by much. Another wonky hit box thing is knifing. You will either be standing right next to someone and clearly knife right in the chest and it says you miss, or you'll be five feet from someone and knife and kill them. Which is much like the "long arming" when you used to disarm a bomb. I don't know if that's fixed or not because I rarely play bomb anymore.

Another big problem is the casual matchmaking. It used to be matched by your rank in competitive but they've changed the system. I am a Mid Gold-High Silver player and I enjoy chilling out in casual. It is called casual after all. Sure, I like to win, but in casual I don't want to sweat nor do I want to feel the other team's sweat drip onto me. My friends and I play the same way, we're ranked in the same way and everything, yet we get in casual games against High Plats and even Diamonds. But on our team we have Copper and Bronze players that are level 30 while we stand at level 140+. It's very frustrating and I can't stand it. Ubisoft please.

I believe the last thing I'll touch on are run outs and spawn peeks. I don't do them nor do I condone them. Why should you only be detected in casual or ranked yet in Terrorist Hunt you die in 10 seconds if you remain outside? I believe it would be nice to implement that in some way into the ranked and casual play. It's very annoying having defenders run outside and kill you when their job is to defend the inside/objective not to attack you outside. I'm not saying that I can't combat people who run out, I'm saying it's cheap and not a realistic tactic just like pre-firing people when this game is about tactical realism. I know a lot of people will be very upset by this complaint but that's fine you can stay doing your toxic behavior.

That's it for this update and I already can't wait for the next two operators from Morocco and the new map based in Morocco to end Year 3 and move to Year 4 of Rainbow.

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