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How to keep rolling

QuarantineD & D

What do we do?

So you were mid- campaign and if you were super unlucky mid battle and it became too late for your party to stay up and suddenly you’re all no longer allowed to hang out. Depending on your countries rules of no going outside or limits of no more than 2 visitors if you have a decent sized party this will have put a real spanner in the plans that you had of taking over the tower of the arch mage and saving the world or wherever you were at. So the world decided to throw you a big fat natural 1 and you’ve had to pause everything. That’s where you are wrong. There are a number of online platforms that have been poking up in the more recent years and likely even more in the coming weeks. Test them out and see what works for your party. Every party is different so what is working for our campaign may not work for yours.

Why don’t we just take the break?

If that’s how you are thinking then just stop reading and leave. But honestly there are so many reasons that it is important to keep things as close to normal as you possibly can. If your normal is using invisibility to pants other members of your party or being a solemn old dwarf who has seen too much in his time then you need to keep it up. Being unable to socialise can be very taxing on the mind and more of than not we use this fantasy realm to escape from life when things are a little less crazy than the current times.

What if the rest of my party can’t play?

This is not uncommon so you will find there are other groups you can join. You could play with people all around the world. There is no limit on who you might end up playing with. But remember to tread carefully as strangers may not find the aforementioned pantsing as funny as your friends normally do.

Our DM is finding it too hard.

This is the prime time to keep in mind that your DM puts so much work into every session and especially if they are running a home brew campaign changing this to playing online is a double to their workload. Try not to get cranky with them but see where you can help. Take some time before your scheduled session to play around with the suggested online platform your group is planning on using so that you are familiar with it and don’t lose out on game time while trying to set things up.

Mute is your best friend.

Unless it’s a group conversation or it’s your turn to speak do your party a favour and utilise mute. Particularly if there is more than one player per household you may need to use separate rooms to stop echoes occurring. Plus there is nothing that breaks the theatre of the mind more when you have just rolled a natural 20 with Great weapon master and take out the big guy in an epic fashion than rustle, rustle, cronch, cronch, cronch. Yes I was the croncher in my party sorry guys.

Keep on rolling.

All that said remember what brought you to this amazing game in the first place. Keep rolling and keep enjoying yourself I am sure we all need something to keep our minds occupied at the moment. Stay safe. Stay inside. Keep your hands clean and your battlefields dirty.

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