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Poker Rooms Across The Globe Face An Uncertain Future

by Mary Charli 2 years ago in table top
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Players Long For the Re- Opening of poker Rooms

It has been a very long summer for many poker players, and sadly for quite a number of them the winter will be just as long, for of course any poker rooms have been forced to close their doors and cancel all of their cash ring games and poker tournaments too.

There have of course been some major breakthroughs regarding the current health emergency and fingers crossed things do get much better soon, and when they do as I am more than confident they do then those now closed poker rooms will begin to open their doors once again to players.

However, I do think it is very fair and true to say there will be some major changes regarding the layout and design of all land-based poker rooms when things finally get back to normal. But if that keeps us all safe moving forward then we must all embrace those changes and get to live with them in the months ahead.

Poker Rooms Not Overly Impacted by Online Poker

One thing that has been said about land-based Poker Rooms that is always open to debate is that online and in fact for the matter mobile poker sites and apps have negatively affected their profitability.

Whilst it can certainly be said and has been proven, many people do now opt to play online poker or even play poker on their mobile devices instead, that really hasn’t had a negative effect on land based poker rooms, for there is certainly a huge and very diehard number of players that will always much prefer playing poker in person in their local Poker Room.

In fact, you only have to look at the major poker tournaments over the last few years to see the prize pools have got much higher in value in land based poker venues, and those located in places such as Las Vegas do, or should I say did, until recent events caused many of them to close, always appeared to be busy.

Just make sure that when you do set about playing poker online or on a mobile device, you set yourself some limits, and if you are getting into any difficulties controlling your spending or are experience any time of gambling problems you self-exclude yourself from those sites.

You can for example sign up to GamStop who offer a self-exclusion register that is shared with all UK based gambling sites who will then close your accounts once your bae is on their database/register, and also check out non GamStop Poker Sites and do ensure that you self-exclude yourself from each of them too.

Fewer Poker Rooms but Just as Many Players

Many poker rooms were closing long before the events of this year forced the operators of those venues to suspend or even close down their venues for good, and whilst there are going to be many fewer such places for poker players to play moving forward, there are certainly no decrease in the number of poker players eager to get their poker playing fix.

Poker is of course what you could call a much more specialised type of gambling activity that doesn’t have mass appeal in such a way that a casino does for example, however one must ask, with fewer poker rooms in existence would that mean those that do manage to ride out the storm so to speak and stay open have a bright and prosperous future.

The operating costs of a poker room are not as colossal as operating most other gambling venues, however there are costs involved, but as long as players keep on coming then most of those still open for business in the year ahead should remain in profit.

As for what the long term future of land based poker rooms will be, well even with the advent of online poker sites and poker apps offering players the ability to play from home or wherever they happen to beat, there are a huge percentage of players that much prefer real life land based poker rooms.

That simple fact is not going to change any time soon, so no matter what there will always be a demand for such venues, just that there will be fewer of them available.

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