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Pokémon Champion Thanos & his Infinity Pokémon Team

An Avengers Level Threat

By Steve BrewerPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Avengers: Infinity War has always been one of my favorite movies. The culmination of so many interweaving plots across eighteen movies did not fail to deliver.

I’m nerdy and notice similarities and coincidences before building on them. Something I noticed before Infinity War was the number of Infinity Stones was the same number of Pokémon a trainer can carry at once, six.

From there I started to try to imagine which Pokémon would best encompass each Infinity Stone. I did make some tweaks here and there to try to balance the team but now have a team worthy of the Mad Titan himself.

Before we get into the team a few disclaimers:

  1. This team is for in-game only, it is not intended to be "competitively viable," nor am I claiming it to be.
  2. I narrowed the team to one Pokemon per Generation. Why? I wanted to have as many of the Generations represented as I could. Besides, my list, my neuroticisms.
  3. I did not construct move lists and will not be specifying natures, abilities, or held items.

With that out of the way let's get into the list!

Wo-Chien - Time Stone

Starting off the list is Wo-Chien, one of the Treasures of Ruin from Paldea that can only be released by locating all the stakes and destroying them.

Wo-Chien is the spirit of a person who was executed for writing the evil deeds of the king on wooden tablets long ago.

A Pokémon who matches the color of the Time Stone? Check. A Pokémon who’s only encounterable after a long and trying test? Perfect for an Infinity Stone! And a Pokémon who’s own lore involves time? Triple check.

Celebi was a close contender for this one, but there was a Pokémon later in the list which is also from Generation 2 which caused me to go with Wo-Chien so not to break my generation cap.

Mewtwo - Power Stone

Next we come to the Power Stone and the only pick for which I could think of for this Infinity Stone is Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is an incredibly powerful Pokémon both in terms of lore and stats. It not only boasts some of the highest stat totals in the games but it is also one of the only Pokémon that can only be captured by the Masterball.

In the anime it has been shown to be able to take down groups of Pokémon easily and often with a flick of its wrist.

Oh, and did I mention it is the same color as the Power Stone? Well, now I have! Mewtwo earns its place here many times over.

Eternatus - Space Stone

For the Space Stone I have chosen Eternatus, the monstrous space dwelling dragon the fragments from which rained down on the Galar region causing Pokémon to there to be able to Dynamax.

Like it’s MCU counterpart, the energy from Eternatus has been used by humans for their own ends. Also, when it was transformed into Eternamax Eternatus it’s energy was shown to have an effect on space-time around it.

Eternatus’s color scheme is fitting, it’s blue lines up with the Space Stone but it was also a close contender for the Reality Stone. It was slightly beat out by our next entry for the Reality Stone but is a strong fit for the Space Stone.

Deoxys - Reality Stone

And then there is the Reality Stone and for it I chose Deoxys.

Deoxys, the space dwelling humanoid Pokémon has one of the cooler designs of the game in its standard form. I say standard form because it does have four forms total, standard, Attack, Defense and Speed.

Not only does Deoxys match the color of the Reality Stone, but it is even able to change between the forms in the anime at will. Essentially it can change its Reality to suit its needs.

Ho-oh - Soul Stone

Second to last is the Soul Stone and I couldn’t think of any Pokémon better for it.

According to its Crystal Pokédex entry, Ho-oh will only appear before a trainer who has a pure heart. This means Ho-oh has the ability to see inside a person, to their soul, and will judge if they are worthy for it or not. Not unlike the Infinity Stones themselves.

Also, despite its Pokédex entries, Ho-oh is primarily orange the same color as the Soul Stone.

Tapu Koko - Mind Stone

Last up is the Mind Stone which I was split between several Pokémon before I chose Tapu Koko.

Tapu Koko is one of the island guardians of Alola and is known to be a naturally curious Pokémon causing it to appear in front of people often. While curiosity and the mind do correlate with each other what made me choose it for the Mind Stone was the fact that it has some sort of empathy. If a person or Pokémon near it is. In a bad mood it will attack it.

Curiosity, empathetic links to others and being the same color of the Mind Stone itself? All great reasons to make Tapu Koko the Mind Stone’s Pokémon incarnation.


About the Creator

Steve Brewer

Certified movie nerd with concentrations in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Also an avid hiker, camper, racquetball player, cat dad, and loving uncle/godfather.

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