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Pixel Games I Like To Play On My Phone

by Bianca Wilson 7 months ago in list
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Maybe we have the same tastes?

1. Kairosoft Games

Kairosoft is a mobile game company that makes pixel game sims based on careers or games. These days you can find some of their work on Nintendo Switch. Once you uninstall on your phone your progress is deleted foreeeeever. But it's okay, all Kairosoft games are "arcade-like" and designed with the intent that the player will replay it.

2. Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker is a mobile game with a unique take on the tower defense niche, instead of defending a tower, of course, you, a sexy bad-ass overlord are defending your dungeon. It was designed with replayability in mind, so don't sweat it when you die. As you traverse worlds you accumulate points that turn into exp for your overlord, unlocking new abilities and sickening skins in the process.

The game's fun comes from-

(1.) Being able to customize your dungeon by placing down traps and mystical rooms that can reroute the invading adventure to the beginning of the dungeon, triggering more traps on their way.

(2.) You can deploy a squadron of monsters to protect each room, each room is special and buffs certain stats and abilities of your soldiers.

( 3.) You get to play as a sexy villainess and bulldoze cute female adventurers! There's something satisfying about taking down those annoying cutesy characters, if you're an otaku that ever felt annoyed by the cutesy Japanese anime girl, this game will really relieve your frustration and draw out your inner villain. You can also capture the heroes, sacrifice or torture them before eventually converting them into loyal dark soldiers that can either enlist in your army or be used as an ingredients to conjure up an even more frightening demon.

(4.) And then of course being able to raise monsters each with interesting skills and stats, similarly to the heroes, you can use them as ingredients to conjure up a demon. You can also sacrifice monsters to the overlord so she can inherit the high-tier skills.

Believe it or not, I'm trying to hold myself back from saying to much about the game because I think it's best to discover new features in the game for yourself.

3. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

This game takes place in an apocalypse, you play as a small squad of humans traveling a disease-ridden land with no final destination in sight. The game gets increasingly harder, forcing you to open your wallet if you want your squad strong enough to pose some iota of a chance of survival or you can put yourself through the grinder and do what you can. The art style is cute and grotesque that alone makes this game stand out... well that and that you don't see enough of cute pixel games like this.

4. Pixel Starships

A sci-fi pixel game that takes place in outer space. Raise, manage and program your team to respond accordingly to emergency situations. You can still manually give your little people commands but when things get hectic, you may forget about them trying to save the others from getting blown up while manning a room. So long as you have a little person to keep repairing the rooms you still have a fighting chance when facing off against enemy ships, so that's where the pathing becomes important.

Being able to program your character's pathing isn't something I've seen since "Dungeon Diary" a semi-automatic mobile game dungeon RPG by windbell, so even when I uninstall this game I always end up coming back. That and because I miss my litttle ones.

5. Monthly Idol

Not many may be interested in South Korean Pop or the idol industry, but I'm telling you, there are a lot of kpop idol games, but this is the only k-pop idol sim that deserves a crown. There are a lot of other idol sims out there but they're either lacking in gameplay, have unspecific instructions, or straight-up buggy, I particularly remember Idol Queens Protection being a gorgeous game, but when the outfits I recently bought vanished from my inventory, I wanted to cry, even now I still think it's a good game and would probably say it's second or third best idol sim but anyway as it's not a pixel game it's not relevant right now, so, moving on. Monthly Idol is simple in design yet detailed in gameplay. There are a lot of pixel dot artists to provide players with a plethora of hair, accessories, and outfits. There's fun mini games you can also play during certain times of the year, these are usually promotional or sports events that if you do well, naturally your derpy popsicles will rise in fame.

Monthly Idol 2, an even more detailed version of the game will be coming out next year, it features your group driving in a car(before it showed the car parked outside your company building but you didn't actually use it), being able to play instruments, having structured dance formations and even small things like young members going to school. I look forward to its future release. K-pop fans feel free to give it a chance.


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