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Overwatch: 3 Things You're Doing Wrong as Mercy

by Frida Jansson 4 years ago in first person shooter

Not even our favorite angel is flawless.

As the most popular support hero on Overwatch, with an important upcoming patch, these three things will be crucial in your success while healing with our favorite angel.

1. You’re using your guardian angel ability wrong.

Don’t use it to fly too far, since flying too far with this ability leaves you vulnerable to the enemy team. It also makes you unable to defend yourself. You need remember to press shift in order to cancel the ability mid-air, and I’d encourage anyone to do so often. You don’t need to get in the face of your own tank to heal them. Use the range to your advantage and stay back when the fight is heating up. Focus on your beam-range instead of the actual distance while flying. Another significant thing is that you shouldn’t use your guardian angel ability as soon as you see a teammate in bad need of health; you shouldn’t fly blindly into battle without evaluating if the situation is safe first. This is also important to remember when you already are in battle. Try to use Pharah, Ana, or Widowmaker to quickly fly away from battle, but the greater the distance, the greater is the risk of you getting shot down on your way there. You can’t heal anyone if you’re dead, so you need to stay cautious while playing Mercy.

2. You think you’re defenseless.

You really aren't. Mercy’s gun, the Caduceus Blaster, is actually a lot better than most support mains out there seem to believe. It’s not realistic thinking to assume your team will be able to help you at all times. Instead, get into practice range and practice some headshots. You’ll soon realize that you can easily take down almost any 200hp hero chasing you. It is fairly weak at long ranges, since the bullets are easily dodged, but when a Genji comes up close, you’ll be able to shoot him down in an instant. Always try to fight your way out of trouble, it’s the better option. You can also use the Caduceus blaster to take down Torbjörn’s turret from a safe distance. It is also important to use the voice chat while playing Mercy. You need to call out who’s harassing you, so that your team can have a chance to save you. It’s not your team’s fault if you die without saying anything. If you don’t want to use voice chat, another option is to inform the team that you’ll ask for healing when someone is focusing you. That will help you get attention from your team.

3. You keep healing even though you’re being focused.

It’s easy for the enemies to keep track of you if you keep your beam on while trying to get away from their attention. The same goes if you need to hide in order to get that perfect ultimate. Resurrect is very powerful, but only if you know how to use it. It’s easy though; if you’re hiding, don’t use your beam. If you're focused, turn off the beam. This means that you shouldn't use it to heal someone who doesn't need heal too. Your team can do without you for a while.

Now you'll be a pro Mercy!

Those are some common mistakes Mercy players do. Make sure to not do these, and you’ll hopefully get out of the perceived “elo-hell.” You should also remember that the Caduceus Staff is your best friend. You are a healer, not a dps. Mercy is the hero who makes the least offensive capabilities in the game, and you need to remember that. You’re always more successful with using the blaster defensively than using it offensively unless you’re shooting at a non-moving target. It will be tougher for you to move up the ranks as a “Mercy-one-trick” so you would benefit from learning at least a couple other heroes too.

Cya in game!

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Frida Jansson

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