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Everything You Need To Know.

By Adrian A. Pedrin V.Published 3 years ago 5 min read

I did not have any expectations for outriders. When I saw the trailer, I didn't even finish it. I thought it was another Destiny 2 wanna-be...boy was I wrong.

The Outriders Demo consists of the Prologue and 1 chapter of the full game. Once you finish the prologue, you can skip it the next time you create another class character. There are 4 classes to choose from:





Outriders plays more like The Division than Destiny. It borrows a few things from the division in its Technomancer class.

At its base, it has a run and take cover mechanic from gears of war and the division, but that's about it.

My main complaint about Destiny is that all the classes play about the same. Minor things set them apart. That is not the case in Outriders, Every class plays very differently and Unique.

The game expects you to play like you are invincible; it gives you the ability to do so. Taking cover is not how the game expects you to play at all. Expect to die a lot if you do decide to play it safe. Every class has a different healing mechanic:

Devastator: You recover health from slain enemies that stood too close.

Trickster: Enemies killed in close range heals you and grants a portion of a shield.

Pyromancer: You will recover health whenever enemies marked by your skills are killed.

Technomancer: You will recover a portion of the damage you deal as health.

Before I get to the fun part; let me state that the story is entertaining, and has amazing moments. The main character reminds me a lot about Bobby Draper from The Expanse and I loved it.

The game does a pretty good job of setting up the story with the prologue. There is somewhat of a plot twist that I found very interesting and cool. Once the Prologue finishes, you get to choose your character class; here is what sets each of them apart.


This is the first character class I tried. I used to be a tank in World of Warcraft so it felt like the right thing to do. Boy o boy was I in for a treat, this is not your grandma's tanking class.

You start the game with 1 ability named Earthquake; you hit the ground and interrupt your enemies. Interrupting is crucial in boss fights. At this point, I was not impressed.

Level 3 you get Golem which gives you the ability to create a suit of rock armor that reduces 65% of incoming damage.

Level 4 gives you the ability Gravity Leap. You leap in the air and strike your targets like a huge fist smashing everything in its path...It's very gory.

Level 6 gives you the ability to reflect bullets. Yes, the visual effect used for this ability looks amazing. You stop the bullets in mid-air like Neo does in the matrix and you send them back to your enemies.

As a tank, you take damage and deal a ton of damage back. It's not meant for you to play it safe. It's aggressive. You can check out the video below for a quick demo of the Devastator Character Class.

Weapon of choice: Shotgun/auto Shotgun.


Trickster was the last character class I tried. I did not want to play a "Rogue" Dps class. It didn't feel fun or interesting. I WAS WRONG. The Trickster class is without a doubt the most powerful and fun class to play.

Your first ability is Temporal Blade. It's overpowered. 90% of the time is a guaranteed kill for enemies who aren't bosses. It's a huge blade that comes out of your hand. It has a huge range and the death effect is pretty cool.

Level 3 gives you Slow Trap. Slow Trap lets you slow down time around you and the visual effect is amazing! Bullets slow down in mid-air and you can see them traveling in slow motion. You by the way move at normal speed and everyone caught in your bubble moves at a snail's pace.

Level 4 gives you hunt the prey. You teleport behind enemies. The range on that ability is way out there. You only need to take cover so you can teleport to the next unsuspecting enemy.

Level 6 gives you Twisted rounds. It fills your current weapon's magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets giving you increased firepower.

Every time you kill an enemy, you receive a small shield. The shield stops bullets in mid-air as if there is a wall in front of you. Very cool visual. This helps you in charging against your enemy without being a bullet sponge.

Weapon of choice: Shotgun/Auto Shotgun.


The Pyromancer is a mage-like class. I saw myself dying a bit more with this character class. It can get the job done as a solo player but it will shine more as a support class. The health mechanic for this class is dependent on you inflicting skill damage. The enemy must die while marked for you to receive health.

Your first ability is Heatwave. It summons a fiery wave and inflicts burn on enemies that are in its path.

Level 3 gives you Feed the Flames. This ability drains health from an enemy and immobilizes him for a sec or 2.

Level 4 gives you Thermal Bomb. This ability turns any enemy into a bomb but only if he dies while affected by the skill. It's pretty fun thermal bombing an enemy and watching him kill the surrounding enemies. Great way to clear out a group of enemies.

Level 6 gives you Overheat. This ability deals very little damage to all enemies, but if the enemy has a burn effect on them, it consumes the effect and deals a ton of damage.

Weapon of choice: Didn't find one to recommend.


The Technomancer is my least favorite class. It the only one I didn't level up to level 7 (demo cap). This is the hardest class to play solo. The place where this class does shine is as a support class. It uses gadgets as abilities and it's the class that reminds me the most of the division game. You have grenades, deployable turrets, and mini rocket launchers; this is all based on Ice powers.

Your first ability is Scrapnel. It says it's a proximity mine, but I was throwing it like a grenade at enemies. It does activate on the enemy's proximity.

Level 3 Gives you Cryo Turret. This ability places an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts "freeze" onto enemies.

Level 4 gives you Pain Launcher. This ability places a missile launcher that bombs the area in front of you.

Level 6 gives you Blighted Rounds. This ability fills your current weapon's magazine with decay-infused bullets. The bullets inflict Toxic. Toxic can spread to other enemies.

Weapon of choice: Rifle/Sniper Rifle.

Final Thoughts

The Outriders is fun, addicting, entertaining and a blast to play. I'm not sure it's worth $59.99. There are a few amazing free-to-play games out there that don't justify the price of this game. I will wait until the game is on sale to buy it, but I will buy it.

It might have some endgame problems like Anthem did and we all know what happened to Anthem.

If you like Looter shooter games, the demo is worth the download.

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