Only Two Things In Life

Death & Taxes

Only Two Things In Life

Only Two things in life are certain. Death & Taxes. That's how the saying goes, but has anyone ever actually tried to balance the universe before? Obviously that's a job for more qualified beings, but what if you were thrust into the machine that makes it all work? There's a lot of theories on beings known as Grim Reapers. Some civilizations only have once celestial being that harvests souls to the other side. Others believe that those who can see and communicate with the other side are destined to or were at one time a Grim Reaper. Which would explain their connection to the spirit realm.

In this game we are met with the concept that Fate itself creates and leads Grim Reapers in their duties. He leads them much like a CEO would lead an office of Representatives to each department in a business. You become a Grim Reaper created by Fate. You can choose your look from a few styles initially available. Fate explains to you that it's your job to choose individuals who have to die according to his specifications. Basically he sends you a file on a person and you choose whether they live or die. Working to Fate's specifications seems like the best way to go. You must also pay attention to each case file that crosses your desk. Read them all (seriously a lot of them are pretty funny) carefully. As you get further into your job you realize it's not that easy. You start to second guess your requirements for each task. Every choice you make has cause and effect. You can choose carefully or chaotically, but everything starts to feel bigger than yourself. Even your daily reviews from Fate allow you to choose an answer to give him.

You start to become aware that this process is way above your pay grade. Which you do actually get paid for your work depending on your choices. This currency is then used to purchase widgets, extra looks, and helpful items in your work. The artwork is unique and the story is engaging. It definitely gives a sense of what it could possibly be like to be in the shoes of a Grim Reaper. I highly suggest this game for anyone looking for something different and interesting. You can play this game through Steam. There's a demo to try the game and the full version is currently $12.99. Honestly, this is worth the money. If you finish the game one way you have a chance to go back and redo everything and make different choices. Doing this allows you to uncover achievements linked to your Steam account.

One more item that will help you, but also cause uncertainty is a mirror. You need this mirror in game in order to change your look. The mirror is also possessed by what I can only describe as the Three Fates. You have chances at the end of each day to communicate with the mirror. It can uplift you or cause inner conflict depending on your choices in your work and with Fate. It's literally like listening to the three hags from the Disney movie Hercules and their opposing yet altogether singular end game results. They really just like to cause chaos.

Another character you come across is the shop keep who sells you your widgets and magic items. He's basically a dead pirate. We're not sure how long he's been dead, but it seems like a long time. Each item you purchase has a backstory and your friendly pirate shop keep spins the tail for you as only a pirate can. Some may choose to skip his stories, but I enjoy them.


Simple Noir feeling graphics and audio

Make your own choices

Items to buy to aid you

No in game shop that costs actual money

Customization of character becomes more available through game play


You never know which choice is the right choice

If you do not follow instructions you do not get paid

The helpful items are limited

Unless you have a "magic eraser" you cannot undo a choice

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L. A. Davis
L. A. Davis
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