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How the Gaming World Has Changed

OG Gamers

I was born in 1983. It was still rare to find someone with a gaming system in their home. My parents had a Kalico Vision & Atari. I spent a lot of time playing Pit Fall as a toddler. This was my first time with electronic games as a form of entertainment. Then my parents bought a Nintendo system. I remember being over the moon about it as far as there being color and such. We had the cartridge that played Mario Bros., Duck Hunt & Olympics(The grandfather to pad style controllers). I played all three of them and loved the slight upgrade of them. It was a huge leap for me as a young kid. My dad wasn't home a lot as he was a fireman at the time, but when he was we would play video games together.

Then my dad bought a Game Boy (That I still have to this day). I only had 3 games to it, but it was another big leap for me in terms of gaming. I didn't have to be confined to my home in order to play games! I could go anywhere and play! My dad's favorite was Tetris. He and I would play to try and beat each others score. We also had a Baseball game and one other I can't remember. The downside to the Game Boy was you had to be in a well lit room to play it. I remember times when coming home from a family gathering and it being dark out. I played by street light. The struggle was real.

I wouldn't get a new gaming system until the Playstation was released. My dad was excited about it. This isn't to say I didn't play other systems at friends houses. I was actually really good at Super Mario Bros. for the SNES. The Playstation was a thing of beauty though. I had a small amount of games at first and then we just kept adding to it. FFVII, Castlevania:SotN, Racing games, airplane games, GTA & a bunch of others. I fell in love with the Playstation. From then on we were strictly a PS household. When the PS2 came out, my dad got it. One of my favorites because it introduced me to Kingdom Hearts & God of War. My all time favorite being Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly. I was into the PS2 until about 2000. A friend of mine had told me about a game that could be played on a PC and I had to see this for myself. It was my first dive into MMORPGs. I was so insistent on it that my dad bought an upgraded computer to play it. It was like a virtual game of D&D! I didn't have to wait to get a group together to play. I just logged in and people from all over were there playing the game as well. This continued on for another four years until a new contender showed up.

I was pretty much forced into changing games. I didn't want to, but all of my real life friends were going to be playing it. They wanted to start a guild and do all the content and become well known. I was reluctant at first. I loved my first MMORPG. Then, the day they announced open beta for the new MMO I was thrown into it. Sure it took me five minutes to take one step and the FPS was HORRIBLE, but it was all brand new and exciting!

I instantly went from a console player to a PC gamer. I rarely picked up a controller anymore. I had traded it for a keyboard. With that said, I was a horrible keyboard player. I would use the arrow keys rather than WASD to move and I was a clicker when it came to targeting and using skills. It wouldn't be until about 2008 that I trained myself to use the proper movement buttons and to TAB target. Then another six years to create and use shortcuts effectively. When I was able to figure that all out I was ten times better and more effective as a player. I saw an increase in my damage output and reaction time. I became better at proper placement during battles and moving out of the way quickly. Yes, it took me almost 30 years to get the game style down to a science.

So what is the takeaway from all this? I started as a console and arcade gamer. I was thrust into the PC world. While I was good, it still took me a long time to get the game play right. I remember my roots, but I'm not confined to them. I changed and adapted as time went on. In other words I might be stuck in my ways with some things, but I'm also open to change when it's necessary. I don't agree with change for the sake of change. If it isn't broken don't fix it. While I may be OG as far as gaming goes it doesn't mean I'm completely stuck in my ways. Respect the players before you and teach the players to come.

L. A. Davis
L. A. Davis
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