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'Ocarina of Time’s' Link Deserves Another Adventure

by Colin Kowal about a year ago in nintendo

The Hero of Time should have a trilogy.

'Ocarina of Time’s' Link Deserves Another Adventure

Like most people who owned an N64, I spent dozens of hours exploring Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Despite the fact that I was constantly flipping through a walk-through to complete it, this game is one of my favourites to this day. I don’t look back as fondly on its sequel Majora’s Mask. I find the three day timer mechanic to be stressful and overbearing. Despite this, I played Majora’s Mask mainly to continue Link's, from Ocarina of Time, story. I enjoyed Twilight Princess much more and I thought it was a good way to round out my favourite Link’s journey. I was under the impression that the similar art style between the three games mentioned earlier and the cell shaded style of The Wind Waker meant that there was a link for each art style. I was wrong. Even though I think the official timeline for Zelda was created to make fans feel better rather than being something planned from the start, I still like to follow it. According to this timeline, the Link from the N64 games is not the same as the Link from Twilight Princess. In fact, the Link from those games is actually the Hero’s Shade that teaches sword techniques to the new Link throughout Twilight Princess. If you choose to learn all the hidden skills you will also learn that in his life, he regretted not passing on his knowledge to an apprentice until then.

The Link I Thought I Liked Most Being Trained by My Real Favourite

Furthermore, the official timeline essentially creates three different Links. One who dies, one who defeats Ganon as an adult, and one who had Ganon sealed away while he was still a child. So based on the official timeline, my favourite Link is only featured in Twilight Princess and is not the star. So if we look at his overall story, he saves Hyrule and Termina in his youth but very little is known about the rest of his life. It is unsatisfying to know there’s a large gap in one of my favourite characters’ lives. That’s why I feel it would be fitting for this Link to have another adventure as an adult, especially when we consider that the time travel aspect of Ocarina of Time keeps this Link's time as an adult locked in another timeline.

The Official Timeline Which Splits into 3 After Ocarina of Time

Even with a fictional character it’s hard to believe that someone who saved the world twice before being a teenager would not do anything important with his life afterwards. Additionally a game based on this concept would be a great opportunity to bring fans back to a beloved era in the franchise. Additionally, such a game could explore aspects from the N64 games that fans still have questions about. This could perhaps give further backstory on the Fierce Deity or elaborate on the similarities between the Fused Shadow helmet and Majora’s Mask. However, I feel the most logical choice would be for the plot to connect to why Navi chooses to depart at the end of Ocarina of Time, a concept that was interrupted by the events of Majora’s Mask.

A Mishmash of Concepts a Direct Sequel to Majora’s Mask Could Explore

Above all else, I would hope that in a third game N64 Link would finally get some recognition. The first time he saves the world he works for years and sees horrors no child should face but few realize this due to the time travel. He faces similar challenges in Majora’s Mask except in that case he moves on before Termina can appreciate what he’s done. Needless to say, I would love to see my favourite Link have a journey that ends with the world he lives in appreciating his heroism as much as the players do.

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