NPC Codex Volume 1

3 complete NPC's for use in your Dungeons and Dragons 5e game.

NPC Codex Volume 1

3 complete NPC's for use in your Dungeons and Dragons 5e game.

Glandoum the Shamed (Dwarf Tome Warlock)

Glandoum Flintbreaker was the first born son of Clan Tholgrarlum's most talented forgemaster and leatherworker. No matter what was needed his parents were the ones you wanted to craft it. Being the first born yours was a destiny of craftmanship and industry inherited from his parents. All Glandoum wanted to do is learn. Not about iron and leather, but history... nature... and magic. Every free moment not at the forge was spent in a book.​

Many children "meet" an imaginary friend and Glandoum was no different. Cthugha was the friend he needed when he had no time to make real ones, telling him stories to help him pass the time. For the first few years his parents thought it was cute, but then he got to be a little old for such things. And then the strange things started occurring.

What his parents did not know was that Cthugha was a being from the Far Realms. Why it took a liking to their son only it knows, but sometime after his 15th birthday it made a deal with the boy. Be its friend forever and all the world's knowledge would be his. How could he say no? Cthuga warned the boy not to tell anyone. His loyalty is supposed to be to the clan. Noone would understand their "friendship".​

This went on for years. Days learning the forge from his father, and nights learning secrets from Cthugha. It could have kept going forever, but Glandoum got careless. His mother was thinking of the question she was GOING to ask... and Glandoum answered in her mind.​

He was immediately taken to the clan elders. When questioned about where this ability to read mind came from, he was honest. What harm could come from his friend? Why should he not seek out knowledge? The elders would here none of it. They used words like "pact" and "demon"... and "warlock". But Cthugha was no demon. He was his friend.​

The elders decision was swift. Glandoum was stripped of his family name and bansihed from the clan, never to return. So now he is Glandoum the Shammed. He wanders the world aquiring knowledge where he can. He has vowed to go back to his clan and reclaim his birthright. Will he do so as a hero, proving his clan wrong or will we take what is rightfully his by force? Only time will tell.

Grydren Diamondfist (Goblin Open Hand Monk)

No one likes a goblin. That is why they wiped out whatever barbaric tribe he was born into. Whoever it was, maybe they showed pity on an infant or maybe they just did not find him, but Grydren was left the sole survivor.​

Luckily Fardal, a blind dwarf, found him before he could starve, and set about to raise Grydren like his own, as best he could. As far as Grydren knew, he was just an ugly dwarf and for years it stayed that way. Once Fardal began sending him to town for supplies, however, the townsfolk were quick to make Grydren aware of his mistake.​

Grydren never learned exactly how Fardal became such an adept combatant, but he taught the young goblin as much of his style as he could. From the combat techniques themselves; to the meditations he used to highten his senses, Fardal did his best to prepare for the inevitable.​

That day came when Grydren was out hunting. Had he been there, he might have been able to save his surrogate father, but instead the best he could do was track the killers to town. While he will never be able to prove exactly who did it, but Grydren knew it was punishment for loving a monster like him.

While this tragedy has hardened his heart, Grydren has vowed to wander the world and protect those that are threatened by the chaos that hatred can bring.

Rerus (Tiefling Blade Warlock)

When Rerus was a child, he escaped from the watch into the forest after getting caught stealing food. Unfortunately he also got very lost. After three days of wondering he came across a huge dark tree, the original Gulthias Tree.

The tree offered the young tiefling more power than he could ever imagine. All he would need to do is swear fealty... for life. Rerus wholeheartedly agreed. He has spent the last 20 years in the tree's service, which has included planting and protecting a Heart of Gulthias.

When in combat Rerus will use cultists to keep enemies occupied while peppering them with eldritch blasts, resorting to melee attacks only when there is no other choice. If all his henchmen have been dispatched he will cast Circle of Death and attempt to escape and regroup.

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