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New Horizons Indeed

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New Horizons Indeed

The Animal Crossing Franchise has been around for years since the N64 in Japan and GameCube internationally. Each new game seems to be more popular than the last. I got into the game with New Leaf and now New Horizons, it’s follow up. To sum this game in a simple sentence it’s creating your own island for you and 10 animal villagers to live in peace and harmony. The player has great power and with great power comes great responsibility. That great power also corrupts which can turn this innocent looking game into an unexpected horror game. The mind is a powerful thing, you can create a heaven out of hell and a hell out of a heaven. This all really relates to Animal Crossing.

Because of its limitless possibilities and the need to find and craft your own items, the game is quite difficult depending on your goals. Because I love travelling, and because of the lockdown, I have been getting my travelling fix by going to other peoples islands. Also been spending time decorating my home and Island. My island is called Depeche after Depeche Mode, my favourite band.

Everyone has their favourite villages that move in and out throughout the game Raymond the cool cat with glasses is on the dreamie hotlist. Other ones include Coco, Marina, Audie, Skye. My all-time favourite villager is the mediaeval chicken known as Knox. The truth is that there isn’t really a rare villager, over 300 hundred are available and they all have the same chance of spawning on Islands and camps. If you have an amiibo card, it’s even easier to pick the villagers you want for your town.

The Animal Crossing Fandom is kind. You'll often find people doing giveaways and letting people know if they've got villagers ready to move out. You can also find people who have high turnip prices so you can take advantage of the Turnip Stalk market, which I think is a great pun of the stock market. To this day, I have yet to try a turnip. Maybe I've had it in other things before, but I don't think I have. I have no idea weather I love or hate turnips. There are also some shady individuals who are selfish and do scam others, but those are few in between.

My starting villagers in New Horizons were Ursula and Flip. Flip is awesome, he's an adorable jock money with a passion for sports. I have a gym set up in my island, but I never see him there. Ursula seems to have a lot of hate because she's rude, bitchy and horrible. A lot of people call her ugly. I liked her, she's sisterly and I thought she was really nice on my island. I don't have her anymore, but I do miss her singing in the Plaza. That role has since been taking over my Pashima and Wendy.

Another villager that I have that everybody seems to hate is Rodney. I really like him, I like how he and Flip get on really well and I could not bring myself to seperate them. Whenever I'm stung by a bee, Rodney is the first one to give me medicine. So yeah, when I got five new amiibo cards, Rodney and Flip were destined to stay. At the time Wendy, Pashima and Bertha were also my favourites so they got to stay too and enjoy their five new neighbours; Coco, Marina, Molly, Knox and Meringue.

I love this game; it's addictive and fun and I'm liking the new updates to the game. It seems like overtime it's getting better. At first, I didn't like how some of the characters in New Leaf weren't present, but now I'm starting to warm up to it thanks to the updates. The photoshoots with Reese and Cyrus are fun. I love Leif showing up to sell plants. I do hope we get to have more stalls like there was in New Leaf and have the store upgrade to a supermall with lots of floors and would love to have Brewster's Cafe back.

The best feature of this game is Terraforming, which takes time to unlock, but once you do, it's a treasure.

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Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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