'NCAA Football 14:' OU, Stillwater and Georgia Tech to SEC Dynasty Mode Build Season 1, Part 1—Initial Setup and Schedule

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Georgia Tech Taking Kentucky's SEC East Spot

'NCAA Football 14:' OU, Stillwater and Georgia Tech to SEC Dynasty Mode Build Season 1, Part 1—Initial Setup and Schedule
So lately I've been hoping OU and Stillwater, I won't say that school's real name, #TheresOnlyOneOKLAHOMA! are eventually going to join the SEC when the Longhorns' Complete Self-Absorbed Hubris finally kills the Big 12!! Texas may not have been guilty of killing their own Southwest Conference thanks to SMU's #PonyExcess #30for30 (and Craig James wonders why we won't let them into the Big 12, SMH.), but there's no denying they ran off Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri, all of the old quality of the Big 8 and Big 12 North save Kansas St. Iowa St might be good this year, but there's no denying either that their program build has been gradual and recent. So you could argue the Conference I'm actual yearning for, My Dad's Conference, the Big 8, has actually very, very long been dead!! I decided to start my 2019 Dynasty with the Community's 2019 Roster under that premise, Xbox Gamertag: OutrunFire0290, BTW. OU's Geography at least makes fitting us into any of the Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC realistic or at lest semi-realistic. For a while I liked the Oklahoma Football and Kansas Basketball to Big Ten Theory, with little brother Stillwater out in the cold, but I think all of us in the know, know that the political ties between Norman and Stillwater are too close for it to not be a package deal sadly.Along the way of making my other preferred Conferences I decided I needed to fit Kentucky into the Big Ten for a more natural local rival for Cincinnati that I put in the Big Ten for personal preference. I get Louisville is more natural and an actual rival for them, but removing Louisville from the ACC seemed harder to justify than sending UK Basketball to the Big Ten. So then the light above my head clicked, why not just return Georgia Tech to the SEC #Problem Solved. 'Good Old Fashioned Hate,' I kid you not, is the name for the Georgia-Georgia Tech Rivalry, a very underrated one at that, IMO, would be returning to Conference Play where it, in ancient tradition, used to be. Similarly to my biggest rivalry returning to Annual Non-Conference, #OUTexasReturnToAnnualNonConference. So yeah long road to go on explaining my conference shifts and my personal reasons for doing so when I get there. First odd surprise when setting up my recruiting is that despite putting Preseason Ranked: OU and Georgia Tech (which in GT's Case it's rejoining the SEC, YouTuber, College Football Chronicle, has a fascinating video on the history of why Georgia Tech left the SEC in the first place). In the SEC the Big Ten's Conference Prestige Recruiting Ranking is actually higher than the SEC. Figures, I go for the #SECBias and don't even get it in game. Largely the only other Earth Shattering Power 5 Changes are Notre Dame to Big Ten, West Virginia to ACC, Josh Heupel's (2000: Chris Weinkie {remember him?} stole the Heisman, we took the Title!!) UCF to the ACC South (go with geography ACC, Big Ten only needed what one year? of Legends and Leaders to figure it out, haha.) and Texas to Independent. Once they kill the Conference nobody's going to take on the Longhorn Network, they're going to be 'Notre Dame Of The South', Book It. And their romanticized memory's of Texas's Days as an Independent Nation will fuel them to wanting Independence, too. To be fair playing as an Independent is the most fun way to play NCAA to avoid any and all Schedule Restrictions and I'd done it tons with my Sooners, but let's dive into the schedule that NCAA made for me and the non-conference, #IronyAlert, I went with: Week 1 Alabama @ OklahomaSo I usually put all Conferences at start Conference Games at Week 1, it makes it even easier to schedule for Independents and since I've done that several times I did it here without thinking it through. On the plus side hopefully it'll keep Independent AI Texas from Scheduling 5 FCS Schools or something. Which I've played an Independent Navy Team with that weak of a Schedule in the National Title over Power 5 One Loss Teams, so the game can be broken in that regard. Anyways I get the Tua VS Jalen Matchup and Orange Bowl Rematch right out the gate, which wasn't guaranteed mind you because #IronBowlthe Tide and Auburn are shifted East for Geography in this Scenario. But no, NCAA's Internal Conference Scheduling AI Rips the Band-aid off in one swell swoop. At least it's in Norman, LOL. Week 2: Texas A&M @ OklahomaWelcoming back a former Big 12 Foe for our 2nd SEC Game, we'd already beaten Texas to replaying their Stillwater with that ugly Cotton Bowl Loss to Johnny Manziel a few years ago, but revisiting the series in an Annual Format before Texas does is a joke that Austin would never live down if it ever actually does happen. Week 3: Oklahoma @ ArkansasOne of the few 'Border State Rivalries' if you can even call it that with only 15 Previous Matchups and only thrice since the Great Depression. The most recent matchup came in the 2002 Cotton Bowl, 10 to 3 OU. Defensive Struggles are possible in the 21st Century, I suppose. Also OU's first trip to Fayetteville since 1919. We've literally only played in Arkansas once in the entire life of my Green Bay Packers! #Mindblown. This would be one of the biggest gains getting our Eastern Rivalries back as we haven't even played Missouri since they left the Big 12 either. Week 4: Oklahoma @ Mississippi StateThere's no history here with this one. Brand new territory and on the road so getting introduced proper. Can't wait 'til Jerry Jones threatens Dak with letting him walk and bringing Tony Romo back down from the CBS Booth. Week 5: LSU @ OklahomaSugar so sweet, personally too, as my wife is from Louisiana. Don't worry my Sooner Faithful she doesn't pay that much attention, but hilariously enough she told me her friends said to her during the 2004 Sugar Bowl that your future husband must be watching this game. God's funny sometimes, they didn't say he has to be rooting for our side. The only other matchup and the OU Win was the 1950 Sugar Bowl. Week 6: Tulsa @ Oklahoma

It should tell you something that Tulsa, Tulsa, has a better winning percentage against us than Stillwater. OU-Tulsa 20-7-1 (.268), OU-Stillwater 88-18-7 (.190). To be fair only one Tulsa Win has come after VE Day and in the 90s, but Tulsa was Texas's 'Extra Loss' last year as the Horns only won by seven, haha. I enjoyed that all year long and immensely. And the way I set this up, ironically I have to put my Pay-Per-View Game as warmup to Red River Rivalry. Take note new Conference Buddies, my 'Cupcake' isn't Grambling, Georgia Southern, Florida A&M or any of the other FCS Regulars you waste time on. My 'Cupcake' is a legit FBS Squad from what in the configuration I made is the sixth Best Conference according to the Conference Prestige Recruiting Ranking you'll see later on. It's the CUSA since I had to start with the 2013 Conferences. It's forever a stain on EA and the NCAA's Legacies that this game died literally one year too early. One year before the College Football Playoff!

Week 7: Texas @ Oklahoma (Cotton Bowl)47-62-5 is the most baffling and damning stat in all Oklahoma Sooner Lore. By all other meaningful metrics we dwarf our biggest rivals in all measure.
  • Alltime Winning Percentage: .724 > .705
  • National Championships: 7 > 4
  • Conference Championships: 48 > 30
  • Bowl Record with only three fewer Bowls: .567 > .545
  • Consensus All-Americans: 81 > 60
  • Heisman Winners: 7 > 2. Despite Heupel's Missing Heisman from 2000.
  • NFL Draft Picks: 393 > 344
  • First Round Picks: 47 > 45
  • Weeks in AP Poll: 830 > 720
  • Weeks at #1: 101 > 45

As you can see it's not even that close and even 896 < 908 on All-Time Wins can be explained away by Texas's Head Start. They've just had sensational fortune in the head-to-head. If we keep playing them twice a year with the Big XII Title Game open to everybody since the no divisions we could actually catch up potentially if the Conference hangs on another 20 Years. It'd be hilariously funny and Texas's own fault for angering the North to all corners of the College Football Globe.

Week 8: Kansas State @ Oklahoma

I really wanted to keep Austin Kendall's Revenge Game on the Schedule, but West Virginia didn't have a compatible Open Date. Maybe in the BCS Title Game, or if I play theoretical Playoff Games in Play Now when we get there. Or I could just add it as a Bonus Game for the hell of it.Kansas State is a respectable foe and one of the last standing from the Big 8. I remember a kid-I-grew-up-with's dad drove like eight-ish hours every Friday Night before every Little Apple Saturday to be one of the Chain Game for KSU. Cool Story Bro; even better, it's a true story.

Week 9: Oklahoma @ AuburnLike LSU, the only matchups here are Sugar Bowls, with one being recent in 2017, also 1972.

Week 10: Ole Miss @ Oklahoma

The only matchup here was the Y2K Independence Bowl, first Bowl Game of the Bob Stoops Era.

Week 11: Bye Week

Week 12: Oklahoma @ Missouri I will never forget Brent Musburger, usually a least favorite commentator of mine btw, constantly telling us about "'Favored Oklahoma' versus '#1 Missouri'" in the 2007 Big 12 Title Game. First trip to Columbia since 2010. Week 13: Bye WeekBedlam Week 14: Oklahoma @ StillwaterPretty much covered this one in Tulsa's Section, haha.

Week 15: Bye Week

SEC Championship Game (Music City Bowl)

Doubt the SEC would do this, especially with ATL's New Stadium being legit. But it's easy to get sick of the Georgia Dome in-game, and the Big 12 Title Game was best with a rotation. So I'm thinking something like: Nashville, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Spread it around.

Every OU Schedule I've ever had, has had the Big 12 Title Game Date in the Appropriate Years, it's not expectation of making it. It's remembering the date because we go often enough to need to know these things.

So I guess when we get to the Postseason I'll play the Bowl Game we earn through the game, and play/and/or sim the theoretical Playoff Games in Play Now that the BCS Rankings give us. #BoomerSooner and thank you for your interest.

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