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NBA 2K23 Has Gotten Better

There are many changes in NBA 2K23 that make this game better.

By Claus OliverPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

NBA 2K series is the best and almost the only mainstream basketball simulation game on the market, with Take-Two's annual earnings report on the proud income, but as the annual product brought controversy. NBA 2k23 has been officially released, after playing for a while to briefly talk about this year's experience.

The change of tempo

The game's rhythm is significantly different from the previous year. 2K23 introduced the " adrenaline " system, each player has three frames of adrenaline, each time a strong attack or forced acceleration will consume one of the frames, and once the three frames are empty the player's speed will drop significantly. This change is intended to limit the star play that allows one player to hold the ball infinitely, and the overall pace is more team-oriented.

The AI is also smarter than before, especially in the defensive end, for the choice of help defense is more sensible and faster back, at least in the "2k22" inside an outside block immediately dumped defenders, and then attract the package to the open three-point play is not so good, plus the previously mentioned adrenaline presence, when to accelerate more need to think twice before acting. The offensive end of the game is enhanced for the interior attack box, and the shooting percentage under the confrontation has improved, like the dominance of the various periods of interior domination is back.

But the above changes stacked together, plus the early season regardless of career or fantasy team player ability values are relatively low, the overall will make people feel the pace of the game needs to adapt. One obvious feeling this year is that the perfect shot seems to be judged more harshly, and it seems to be difficult to score without perfect timing, so in general, it takes a lot of time to practice.

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The Road to GOAT

The return of the " Jordan Challenge " challenge is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this year, from the menu page occupying the largest area can also see the production team's intention. This mode, first created in NBA 2K11, has been expanded to 15 games this year, following Jordan's legendary career in North Carolina. Each game features a personal narration of MJ's legendary story, experiencing such classic moments as " The Last Shot", the Olympic Games run, and the legacy showdown with Kobe, with period filters and rules that allow players to relive this journey to the greatest player of all time. The whole experience is like a documentary in which you can personally participate, but of course, you can choose to turn off the chronological filters if you feel that the images are too mushy.

The AI's progress is also reflected in this mode. In the 82nd year without the 3-point line, the AI will tend to drive to the basket and tighten up the defense while trying to get the ball into the hands of the best players, such as in the first challenge of the NCAA final, where Ewing did most of the finishing on offense and scored over 40 points in a 1V1 matchup that was almost impossible to defend. Each game in this mode will have three tasks, in addition to the victory, there are also scoring, rebounding and other data indicators, after collecting 40 stars can get MC and MT 2K23 mode-related rewards.

When the hands of time are dialed back on the screen to the early twenty-first century, watching Kobe O'Neal and The list of James, Wade, Anthony, and other stars who are about to enter the league, plus the corresponding era of the scoreboard and filter, the sense of nostalgia is quite sufficient.

Fantasy team

As the most played last year (also the most krypton) mode, this year's fantasy team finally canceled the contract, not to appear at the beginning of the season on the number of appearances too carefully calculated, the end of the season and dozens of contract package lazy to open the situation, is a good change. The new addition of the 14-second offense " key moment " mode, as well as the triple threat online cooperative play makes the playable content become more.

However, the fastest resource brush " domination " this time added the restriction that you must play the previous level with 33 stars before you can play the later difficulty, which feels like it makes the amount of work for a single machine brush resources bigger. I still remember last year's first season of micro-kryptonite to play the online game with 90 ability value of the purple crystal to play 95 ability value of the pink diamond sad, looking at the team now killing Sapphire Morant, I miss the main menu next to the "2K22" inside the three-point ability value of 99 The O'Neal of 2K22.

But MT inside the money charged basically within a year is a guaranteed value, and as long as you play the player trading market skilled, every time the speed of hand will be fast enough to pick up the leak, with the resources of the offline mode can also put together a good lineup. If you don't play for a while, you can sell them all and buy a stronger set on the market when you want to play.

Brilliant career

Brilliant career mode basketball city is still the highlight of the next generation version of "2K23", which combines the game's single-player and online gameplay, players created MC roles directly into the online basketball city, complete a variety of tasks, advance the plot, participate in team training need to run to the corresponding location in the city to trigger, looks like an online game. You can also go directly to the various courts and other players regardless of the stand-alone storyline to compete. This year's basketball city area has been reduced by 30%, and also added fast travel subway, making the pace more compact.

The MC storyline is relatively weak, with the benefit that players can directly choose which team they want to go to, and how they deal with the feud with their archrivals can be directed to the offense-oriented " controller " and team-oriented " creator " points. But constantly running around and talking to various NPCs is still a problem, while MC's need for kryptonite is more obvious than MT's. The game was founded on the day it was released and there were older brothers with an ability value of 85 or more everywhere, and my new character standing next to them had a sense of taking the ball to the park and finding people on the field with arms as thick as my thighs. Regardless of the game, training, want to earn a higher rating and more VC, the premise is that the player ability value is high enough, so the gap between rich and poor will start to snowball.

So whether it's MC or MT, the amount of kryptonite and the amount of kryptonite can almost always be positively correlated with the game experience, but it's the same old problem, as a next-gen version of the game costs about 400 yuan, you need to have the game experience probably several times the cost of the body, if you plan to play a whole year, it is recommended to get the Michael Jordan version at the beginning.

A9VG Experience Summary

As a basketball fan and gamer, "NBA 2K" is probably one of my most played series, even today due to work and life is not easy to go to the court again, take time to play 2K every week is still as if it is still a habit left in the student days. Every year the game adds new elements, the next generation of the city of basketball continues to be polished even better, the content has also become the original richer, and both the quality of the game and the degree of playability are online. Just every year when it arrives as promised, I feel a vague pain in my wallet.


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