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NBA 2K23 Defensive Gameplay Changes

by Claus Oliver 2 months ago in esports
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The gameplay changes for NBA 2K23 have been announced, and defense is still at the forefront of them.

The gameplay changes for NBA 2K23 have been announced, and defense is still at the forefront of them. Every interesting game has an extremely strong offense and a defense that can stop the offense. Let's take a look at the defensive gameplay changes in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 has a very improved shot defense. NBA 2K22 was still using a simple shot defense calculation. While it worked well, it had some drawbacks. If a defender's hand or arm moves into a bad position, you may get a bad coverage score.

This year 2K Sports created a system that allows you to evaluate a defender's competing hands through a window of shooting action.

On-ball Defense

On-ball defense moves and body-ups have received major updates in NBA 2K23. The new content more accurately describes today's 1-on-1 player interactions. You'll also notice a new indication when you're in a defensive position. This is the new defensive shade mechanism. The three bars on the indicator represent three zones: straight up, left shaded, and right shaded. The area where the defender is is shown in red. If the ball carrier tries to attack the red route, they will be cut off.

Great defenders can predict where the ball carrier will attack and will be rewarded with more clarity as a result. This shade system works both for defending outside ball carriers and inside linebackers. It does a good job of communicating to both the offense and defense why collisions solve problems that way.

Shot Blocking

Shot blocking has also been improved in NBA 2K23. In NBA 2K22, 2K Sports made a lot of efforts to improve cap hitting. The ultimate goal was to give players the ability to block any shot that came into the box.

In NBA 2K23, caps were adjusted to a more realistic level. This will result in a more predictable outcome, with the right player making the right stop at the right time for the cap. There won't be any more small guards finishing with LeBron James-level blocks like last year. You'll also notice a marked improvement in ball security from good dunkers.

2K Sports has made some changes to encourage players to use more dunks. In the right situations, players can feel the rewards of climactic dunks and significant takeover boosts without having to worry about always getting knocked down on the way up. The shot-blocking system now also includes "swipe" blocking. When approaching an outside shooter, the fly-sweeper will do a better job. It will try to raise a hand while preventing the defender from hitting the shooter and sending them to the line.

Steals & Ball Strips

Ball Strips are new and improved this year, with tons of new content and better coverage. So if you're an undersized defender, quick hands can slow down inside slants and big men just as effectively as a good cap player. We also added the failed strip contact layup to ensure that the defender's steal input is respected and not ignored.

When the ball does get knocked down by a cover or steal, you will see much greater sideline awareness in contested plays. The catch near the line of scrimmage is much more reliable, as is the jump ball punt that throws the ball back into play.

You can now pre-order NBA 2K23 and get official access to this game in about a month. If you want to get an advantage when you enter the game, then you can choose to buy MT 2K23. You can use these game currencies to buy many items so that we can proceed more smoothly in the game.


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