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My Review of "NBA 2k20"

A game that depends on it's mobile app game isn't a good indication of a good game.

My Review of "NBA 2k20"

NBA 2k20 was a highly anticipated game because I loved NBA 2k19. Admittedly I only really played the career mode of the game. I'm also basing this whole review off of the career mode of 2k20 as well. I have played quick games and generally they're very similar and I didn't find too many differences but then again I'm a casual gamer. As a casual gamer 2k19 made more sense than 2k20.

Starting off I got 2k19 too late into its release. As a result I couldn't use the old 2k19 app to help me out with the game. I didn't feel like I needed it though. In 2k20, I feel that it's more of an integral part of the game. I hated this because I found that I was playing the stupid app game more than the actual game. In fact I think I even enjoyed that card game more than I enjoyed the actual full fledged game. Again I'm a casual gamer so some of this makes sense if you think about it.

There is the usual story-line that goes with the 2k20 game just as 2k19 did. I liked 2k19's story where you have to build from the bottom up coming from China and then working your way up. 2k20 didn't seem as robust as the previous story mode. It kind of came and went. They had an interesting idea of your character not getting drafted because he wanted to support his injured teammate. The story didn't really go anywhere though. It's almost like they didn't really need this story in the first place. To be fair it could have been because I was using the app to increase the levels of my player way quicker than usual.

After the story has been completed and you're into the NBA the grind continues. I don't remember having to work out in the previous game but this is an element of 2k20 that seems pretty important. To develop your character you have to grind these little mini games over and over. It's already bad enough that you're grinding to get coins in the mobile app but you have to do these monotonous tasks in the game to build levels.

Also some of the dumb mini games take so much understanding and they don't really give you a good tutorial as to how to do them. There's this stupid layup thing that they have you doing in one of the practices that I never understood and never got. Why do I have to look up a YouTube video to understand how to play this game? It's not very intuitive for casual gamers. I'm sure tons of pros are rolling their eyes at this but I found this game very difficult to navigate and understand.

You used to be able to go to practice by selecting it before going to games in the old game and now you have to roam around the neighborhood to get there. This doesn't make sense to me at all! It's like a step backwards. There's less interactions with players in this game as well.

I remember the old game used to feel a little more vibrant because the other players would contact you and interact with you in your loft. This version of the game has none of that. No surprises or anything. There's not even a reason for you to go back to your loft anymore. So why is there even a neighborhood other than to collect your daily prize and play online with others? I really don't know but I hate playing with others because I suck at this game.

There really should be a version for casuals like me because the game is too difficult or at least inconsistent. There are games where I'll hit everything and I'll be the player of the game and then all of a sudden I go on a cold streak where I don't make a bucket until the 4th quarter. Do you know how aggravating that is? Why do I even want to play a game that inconsistent? There's games where my team will win by 30 points then we lose a game by 40 points. The whole gameplay aspect doesn't make sense at all. I repeat again that I'm a novice so maybe there is but I didn't get it.

Normally I would finish this game before sending off a review but I realized how much of a waste of time this game was for me. Casual people like to play games because we want to be good at something in our mediocre lives. We're not athletes but playing games gives us the disillusionment that we are good at something. You ripped that from us with this game.

Overall, I would say that my anticipation was the height of excitement for this game. It just made me more and more disappointed as I continued to play the game. Again I loved 2k19 but this was utter nonsense. I will tell you for sure that I will not be getting 2k21 if they're going to continue this path. I have to give this game a 4 out of 10. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to love this game.

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