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My Review of "Marvel's Spiderman Remastered PS5"

by Brian Anonymous about a year ago in adventure games
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After 3-4 months of game play I'm finally done! Here's what I thought of the game.

Marvel's Spiderman Remastered PS5 was actually a nice little extra that I decided to get when I first got my PlayStation 5. The game that I played first was Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales. It just so happened to be the Ultimate version that included Spiderman Remastered. I didn't think much of the game because I thought it was basically the PS4 game. My ignorance should have been checked at the window.

You see I played Spiderman: Miles Morales first before going into this game and it should have been the other way around. Spiderman Remastered is a fully fleshed out game when you compare the two games against each other. There is a lot more stuff to do in the Remastered version. Then again it's been out for quite a while so there is the additional DLC content that's included in the version that was included in the Ultimate Edition for the PS5.

Not only was there additional content they also boosted a lot of things that I didn't really expect to be included. They upped the graphics of the game. Granted, I have never played the PS4 version but I still play PS4 games every now and then and the graphics do not look this good. There definitely was a bump in the performance aspect of the game. You're able to choose between performance, graphical resolution mode or a mix between the two.

When I used to play PS4 games these options weren't really available before so seeing this game move at 60 fps without any slowdown is pretty shocking. I usually played in this 60 fps mode with ray tracing on. This just adds a lot more realistic lighting throughout the game. It's pretty incredible. I know for sure the PS4 couldn't do this.

To add to the fun I didn't even notice any load times at all. I mean each selection would snap to the next. I'm so used to waiting for load screens since the PS1 to the PS4 that it's sort of something expected. The fact that the game just pops up right away and you don't have to wait for scenes and whatnot to load up is a game changer!

Now that you know that the graphics are on point you also have to know that the sound is on point as well. I played with a surround sound receiver so when there are things going on around you in the game you hear it. You'll hear things coming from behind you and to your sides. It adds to much of the immersion of the game.

The story of the game is good enough for a little movie of its own. It doesn't follow the same storyline that you see in comics or the movies but it follows the character's personalities correctly. I knew the characters already so it was pretty easy for me to get into it. They melded all of the storylines between the villains and our main characters really well. It gets quite involving especially closer to the end.

With that said there are a ton of side missions. You can get lost with all the side missions and in a way getting lost in the side missions kind of takes you away from the main storyline. The side missions can get kind of repetitive however increasing in difficulty as you progress in the game.

You'll also earn a lot of points to boost your level to purchase new skills and points to purchase upgrades to various gadgets. At some points it felt like a scavenger hunt and in other moments it felt like an RPG where you have grind your way to having a powerful character. The grinding away is probably the reason it took me so long to finish this game. That and I'm a horrible PlayStation trophy collector.

So it's got sound, graphics and great story. The controls have to be great right? The answer is yes and no. I appreciate the sheer amount of abilities that you have with Spiderman and the controls are quite intuitive but there are a few glitchy moments in the game that can be quite bothersome especially when you're doing some of the stupid timed challenges that you need points from. That got on my nerves but really that's only for the completionist in me. The controls for the rest of the game are quite good but there can be odd occasions where you'll get your character stuck in a weird spot and have to do weird jumps to get out.

The game ends epically and screams of a sequel with all of the cliffhangers. There's not only one cliffhanger, there are dozens and I don't see why they wouldn't make a sequel for this game. At one point I thought the Miles Morales game was the sequel but it's more like a side note to this original epic game. There's so much that this game encompasses that a fully fledged sequel should be pretty big.

Overall, I really wished I had played this game first before playing Miles Morales. It was a huge mistake on my part but I'm glad I got to play this version. The game has so much for gamers that I ended up playing this game for 3-4 months. That's with a lot of breaks. I actually prefer the length of Miles Morales over this game though. Take that with a grain of salt because I'm a casual gamer. I hate having to spend hours on end to finish a game. I have to give this game an 8.5 out of 10. It was an absolute blast to play. I can't believe it took me this long to play this game.

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