My Review of "Drowning"

This independent game is based on a character who suffers from depression.

My Review of "Drowning"

Drowning is not necessarily the game that I usually play. It was on sale on the PSN network for $1.25 for the PlayStation 4. How can you go wrong when a digital game is that cheap? It costs less than a streaming movie rental. So I thought I would check it out thinking it was an interesting premise and the price was right.

I have to say I kind of got what I paid for. Now I don't know if this could even be considered a game. You honestly don't really do anything in this game. It's sort of like the game Journey. The only thing is you can do a lot more in Journey than this game.

All you have to do is follow this path by pressing forward. It's not open world so you can't get lost you just follow the path to the end. As you progress through this fictional path words will type in front of you. The words are basically the narration of the story of the game.

The story is about this imaginary friend that talks to you and it constantly sends you negative notions of others in social settings. It talks about how you kind of ignore this imaginary friend but eventually it comes back and haunts you to think negative things.

I'm not sure how you can categorize this experience. I don't even know if you could consider it an art piece either because the world that you kind of follow isn't really that extravagant. They kind of remind me of what you would see in a game that a brand new game creator would conjure up. There's nothing extremely remarkable about anything about the environments.

That's not to say this game isn't without any benefits. Those that are into trophy collections for the PlayStation might think this is an amazing pick up. It's a very short game that has some pretty easy trophies. You can probably go online and find some guides to help you find out where you can collect all of the items you need in order to get a platinum trophy.

I know a lot of people may scoff at you for having such a game on your trophy list but they don't understand trophy hunting. It's a high to know that you have that many more points than your friends. This game should be a pretty easy, fast and cheap way to further bolster your trophy list.

I guess that's the only real people that should purchase this game. That's not to knock the person that made this game. I'm sure that it was a great feat to create this game. I hope they continue to make games but I think you can add a lot more to the game to make it a lot more interactive. That is unless that isn't the goal of these games.

Maybe this is a game that is mean to help people bolster their trophy lists and there is definitely a market for these people. I am shamefully one of those people that love these types of games. I really liked the fact that it was only about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the whole game.

Overall, I wouldn't say that this game is meant for everyone. Those that are looking for an experience I would say to steer away from this game. For those that are looking to boost their trophy list I would say this is an amazing title for you to pick up and at such a cheap price you can't go wrong. As a game I would have to give this game a 0 out of 10. When it comes to value for trophies I would have to say this game is an 8 out of 10.

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