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More Maxis Match Gothic/Punk CC for Sims 4

Attempt 2...

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Hey there! I'm back with more goodies to share!

1. Trillyke(AGAIN, I know...)- stone heart stockings from Simsresources every simmer should have heard of this place at least once, the mother hub of sims 4 cc. There's a lot of content, mostly alpha, but there's so much sifting through to find maxis match cc can sometimes be a chore. It's more easier to find patreon content half the time.

Anyway Trillyke has been around for quite some time, some patreon creators originally posted their content on so make sure to check if your favorite cc creators have account there if you're broke and feel guilty from using their patreon for free lol!

I'm addicted to their stockings.

2. Bloodmoon- Yujin hair

I don't know much about Bloodmoon just that you will find a lot of gothic cc on their tumblr, I'm talking hair, jewelry, clothing etc... and I believe they have a patreon, or perhaps I'm remembering the wrong person. Anywho bloodmoon has a ton to pic from and I will just booping them down here below with their links.

Just. so much character! And adorable!

It's not everyday we see a hairstyle with widow bangs, perhaps maybe we'll finally be able to use that vampire hair from sims 4 without being triggered over the fact that no other hair has bangs to match. We finally have an unaccessorized version of her hair so she can go to sleep without her hair pins pressing into her head- I KNOW. They're just sims.... but I love love widow bangs and I would really like to see more hairstyles with them.

Hmmm, for a second I thought there was pink and purple under the jeans but now I realize it's their skin and tattoos! Lol, that would have been so epic, am I the only one who had a trendy older sister who would wear cute leggings underneath their ripped jeans? Fashionable but more importantly practical to survive the winter. Still, cute jeans.

3. evoxyr- all their hair really

evoxyr is a hair cc creator for gothic- sims or at least sims that remind me of Rogue from x-men, almost all of their hair have options for streaks or is just multicolored. It gives so much life to the character! My personal issue with streaked hair as much as I love it is never having another hairstyle with it. It's just one hairstyle but what if we want to change it for another outfit? Have to find another to make it seem like their streaks aren't the washable chalk ones. Haha... *cries*

It has an option for streaks, but you have to download an old hair to get it.

4. Cooper322

A dress that looks like it belongs in a school for witches. *chef's kiss*

5. Linzlu-

The linzlu I know is one who is always creating vintage clothes, so I wouldn't exactly call her a goth cc creator but...

6. Blue Anacolia- simblreen gift sketch posters

7. Nords- Lorelei hair

7. Lilis Palace- she's a furniture cc creator you can find on tumblr, her builds are vintage but I think her creations are still pretty useful.

I know. You're probably getting impatient at this point, hair and clothing are cool but what about the jewelry? Tattoos? Hold on...

8. bau-wall sketches

9. Nami Fly Sims- Cat and sunflower tattoos

It's so adorable! I know it's not exactly gothic for a tattoo but I thought real goths didn't go out of their way to like include skulls and stuff in whatever they do, like I'm sure they like flowers and cats too. Who doesn't love cats?

Nami Fly Sims has other tattoos on their patreon you can check out.

10. Ms| Mary Sims- Witche's Mark

Reminds me of those novels I used to read in middle school... was it "Marked"? I honestly don't remember but the symbols look similar lol.

11. Ziearel - tattoo pack

A cat from sailor moon tattoo, and leafed branches along the colarbone.

12. Zxyy- Amiyah back tattoo

13. storylegacysims- elodie dress and wednesday dress

This is the elodie dress. Very cute, I originally wanted it to be a uniform for my sims that worked as baristas.

Then here's the wednesday dress that's likely inspired by Wednesday Adams herself.

14. Renorasims- enchantress from RoM Jewelry Expansions set

What do you call these?

15. Teyamimi- jk tattoo

recently found this person and fell in love. Jk as in Jungkook from bts for non ARMY. I actually haven't been keeping up with them, last I heard they were finally going to enlist in the military? Though occasionally I still see videos of them popping up in my feed. U.U

16. Cubersims- Million reasons corset top

You can look up and find a recolor of it on

It's so cool! Hmmm. Once again... Looks like I couldn't get to the accessories... hmm, well I got some down. Thing is there is sims 4 goth accessories but most of it is on simsresources and as I personally haven't tried them out I'm hesitant.

Once again thank you for reading and until next time! And I'm sorry if my idea of goth is actually goth... r. r I tried.


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