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Moira: The New 'Overwatch' Meta?

by Natalie Peck 5 years ago in first person shooter
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With Moira in the PTR, some suspect that she could possibly replace Mercy as the new primary support hero. But is that really the case?

Moira, the newest addition to the Overwatch roster 

It’s no surprise that the Overwatch community has been eager for a new support hero.

Over the last few months, we have received some interesting new DPS and tank characters, but none in the support class, let alone one of the talon or blackwatch community within the lore. We were all excited to see during BlizzCon that one could be arriving within the next few weeks. Moira, a talon healer who receives damage (or health) from enemy players in order to heal her own team. Her ultimate is an interesting combo of health and damage which could help push a chokehold or even cause a giant shift in the game. The greatest question on everyone’s mind right now is whether or not she is capable of being the new support meta; for the longest time, Mercy reigned supreme as the ultimate pick for a hero. In fact, she is still the number one support hero picked within the roster due to the amount of direct healing she can provide. Is Moira strong enough to replace Mercy?

Right now Moira is available to play in the Public Test Regions (PTR) for PC. I’ve spent quite a few hours playing her on both quickplay and arcade, which right now is 6v6 No Limits. Of course it’s to be expected that most people choose to play Moira, but you can also find people picking offensive or DPS heroes to see what exactly will counter her. Here’s what I’ve noticed from my time playing.

While her damage can definitely pick off a couple of low-health enemy players, it is by no means capable of killing or wiping out the whole team, which is to be expected of course, since she is only a support class. The main purpose of the damage orbs is to provide enough energy to heal herself or her team, so if you’re to play Moira, remember to play defensively, not offensively. She doesn’t have much health and if you get in the heat of the battle, you won’t be able to heal yourself immediately especially if you just projected one of your orbs.

Her speed is very nice; it makes for a quick escape out of a nasty situation. However it is short distance so if you have a tank following suit, you certainly won’t make it very far.

Her healing is good if you want to help bring a team player back to normal health, though I do find if a lot of allies are at critical health, you’re forced to almost prioritize which person/people you have to heal. Again, her healing capabilities are limited, so once you run out of that energy you need to go and damage some people. By the time you do this some players of your team could already be dead, leaving you with weak line of defense.

Her ultimate, as with any in the game, is good if you know how to use it properly, which can only be done through a lot of practice. Direct aim of the beam and focusing on a primary target, such as a tank or an enemy healer, will definitely pick off a few people. Right now it seems that its not too overpowered, which is very good. You can kill off at least a couple people, maybe more if your team is helping you out.

At this moment in the game I really don’t believe she could replace Mercy in the meta simply for the fact that she needs to recharge her healing abilities, as opposed to Mercy and Lucio who will always have that available. She’s fun to play around with but I suspect that she won’t be a very popular healer in the long run, especially in the competitive community. Better luck next time, Blizzard.

Free to play weekend from 11/17 to 11/20! Available for PC, Xbox1 and Ps4.

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