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Kickstart Your Crypto Sports betting Business With Sports Betting Software Solution

by Brian Wilson 11 months ago in esports
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Crypto Sports Betting Software Solution

For the past two decades, sports have gained more popularity and attracted a huge fan base all over the globe. Sports have more craziness when compared to other entertainments and this craziness among everyone never fades. The craziness and prominence made many sports betting applications enter into the sports betting field in recent years. With this sports betting platform, many sports enthusiasts can engage, have fun, excitement, and also help them to earn real cash.

The money earning opportunity reached huge attention towards sports enthusiasts and many youngsters through sports betting app. From 2014 to 2017, the USA and Canada have involved around 20% of their population in using online sports betting platforms and It will keep on rising. On this platform, users can yield more than $200 in traditional league matches. In recent times, crypto integrated sports betting platforms are gaining popularity in the global marketplace.

The sports betting platform with crypto integration is doing well because of the true nature of cryptocurrencies. In the crypto-based sports betting platform, users can participate in leagues and contests by paying through crypto coins instead of using fiat currencies. So that the owner of the platform can earn more profits and users can make instant payments through cryptos. This is why crypto-based sports betting software development is being the most demanded business service in the online marketplace right now.

What is Crypto-based Sports Betting Software?

Crypto-based sports betting software is a pre-designed sports betting software that has a crypto integration as a basic feature. By using this software, one can easily launch a cryptocurrency integrated sports betting platform quickly at an affordable cost. It comes with all the important player modules for making bets and other progressive features. This software was completely built with multi-crypto support. So players can make bets using prominent cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, litecoin, dash, dogecoin, and more.

The crypto-based sports betting software is completely analyzed, developed, designed, verified, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. Just you need to buy the software and deploy it so that you can launch a fully functional cryptocurrency integrated sports betting platform very easily. The software is protected by high-end security systems. So it safeguards your crypto-based sports betting platform from anonymous hackers. The crypto-based sports betting software will help you to engage your users and let them stay on the platform all the time so that you can boost your revenue.

The premium crypto-based sports betting software has a high customization scope. so if you are buying this software, you can easily customize the features, themes, designs, plug-ins, and more according to your business concepts in a trouble-free manner.

Sports Covered in Crypto-based Sports Betting Software

Crypto-based Sports Betting Software Development

The premium Crypto-based sports betting software supports all the major sports which are popular in the sports industry. Here is the list of sports that come in the bug-free online sports betting software development service.

1. Football

2. Soccer

3. Cricket

4. Basketball

5. Tennis

6. Baseball

7. Ice hockey

8. Golf

9. Badminton

10. Auto racing

Apart from these sports, you can also add extra sports in the error-free crypto-based sports betting software as per your business necessities.

How to Develop a Crypto-integrated Sports Betting Platform?

While developing a sports betting platform with crypto integration, it is mandatory to approach the development firm that is technically strong and has experience in this sports betting business model. There are several sports betting platform developers in the marketplace but expertise like Fantasy sports tech, a leading crypto-based sports betting software development company that has in-depth knowledge in this lucrative business model. They can guide you to launch a function-rich sports betting platform with crypto integration.

For the crypto-based sports betting software development process, you would require a team to handle your project. The development team for your project consists of a business analyst, project manager, Front-End & Backend developers, and Tester.

If you are looking to know the step-by-step procedure of crypto-based sports betting software development.

Then refer to this mind-blowing article >>How to create a crypto-based sports betting platform for business?

Desirable Features of Crypto-based Sports Betting Software

Here is the list of extraordinary features that you can get in the best cryptocurrency integrated sports betting software development.

User Panel

  1. Registration/Login
  2. Home Screen
  3. Payment Mode
  4. Cryptocurrency support
  5. Player information
  6. Create and join Contest
  7. User Dashboard
  8. Pay crypto for leagues/contests
  9. My Settings
  10. Online wallet integration
  11. User authentication

Admin Panel

  1. Admin Login
  2. Dashboard
  3. User Manager
  4. Manage Matches
  5. Manage Games Category
  6. Contest Manager
  7. Manage Payment
  8. Manage Reward Points
  9. Manage Earnings and Cash Bonus
  10. Transactions and reporting
  11. Manage Bank Withdraw Request
  12. Manage CMS pages

Benefits of using Crypto-based Sports Betting Software

The premium cryptocurrency integrated sports betting software comes with many advantages. Such as

  1. Quick payment processing
  2. High customization scope
  3. You can set transaction fees
  4. Great accessibility
  5. High security
  6. User anonymity
  7. No third party interference

Wrapping Up

The crypto-integrated sports betting platforms are the recent trends in the global marketplace. So this would be the right time to kick-start your crypto-enabled online sports betting business. All you need to do is hire a team of skilled developers from the renowned sports betting software development company in the industry. They will assist you in launching a feature-packed crypto-integrated sports betting platform at an affordable cost.


About the author

Brian Wilson

Brain Wilson is a Senior Consultant at FANTASY SPORTS TECH. She has been with this company for the past four years.

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