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ISO: New Valorant Agent Review

Unleashing Precision: A Deep Dive into Valorant's Latest Agent, ISO

By MellyganPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 4 min read
ISO: New Valorant Agent Review
Photo by Muktasim Azlan on Unsplash

The 23rd Valorant agent, the technologically enhanced duelist, will be added to Riot's FPS game roster on Tuesday, October 31st. Iso is all about raw aim and player mechanical skills, making it a force to be reckoned with in the right hands and an exciting addition to the competitive scene.

Riot Games says Iso is a tough cookie, super strong and can wreck a team with surgical precision. Sounds great on paper, but will it actually work in the game? So, what can Iso actually do?

E - Double Tap

Iso, just like Reyna, can collect orbs from defeated foes, even if they're not completely destroyed. However, these orbs will only appear if his focus timer is active. By gathering these orbs, Iso can create a shield that can withstand one hit from any source.

Q - Undercut

Iso has the power to launch a powerful energy bolt that can penetrate through any solid object. It's similar to Sova's ultimate ability, but unlike Sova's, it won't eliminate the enemy. Instead, it will only weaken them, leaving them vulnerable.

C - Contingency

Iso can create a temporary shield made of 'prismatic energy' that can stop any bullets from hitting for a limited time. And while it's active, the shield is unbreakable.

X - Kill Contract

Iso's Ult is like nothing we've ever seen before. He can zap a crazy beam of energy that whisks him and the unlucky enemy it touches to a whole new battleground. It's a showdown to the death, with only one Agent walking away victorious.

"The goal [for Iso] was to create an exciting duelist that emphasized gunplay and excitement," said Nicholas "Nickwu" Smith, a game designer on Valorant

The Valorant development team had a tough time working on Iso, particularly when it came to its ultimate ability. Agent John 'Riot_MEMEMEMEME' Goscicki revealed that creating a 'new environment for each map' for Iso's ultimate ability was a major challenge. They had to consider how it would work amidst all the chaos in the game, like a Raze's rocket hitting the arena or Astra's ultimate splitting the map through Iso's ultimate ability.

Iso's gameplay style has been described by Riot as 'precise and confident.' He truly embodies the significance of firearm precision and is granted 'unwavering confidence through his shield and clever shooting,' as pointed out by Nicholas 'Nickwu' Smith, one of Iso's designers.

When it comes to Valorant, Iso brings a powerful set of abilities to the table. However, his effectiveness greatly relies on the player's mastery of precise shooting, which can make him slightly weaker than expected, especially in the lower ranks of the game. One of his abilities, called 'Double Tap,' specifically highlights the importance of pistol skill and quick reflexes, rewarding only those players who possess accurate aim.

Imagine a man sporting a white aviator jacket and black jeans, standing confidently behind a prismatic energy shield. He skillfully shoots a purple orb into the sky.

Iso's arrival has the potential to shake up the Valorant meta.

Especially with Jett's recent nerfs, Iso could become the go-to duelist for many players. However, it's important to note that Iso's lack of mobility could be seen as a disadvantage. This might balance out his powerful abilities. Additionally, agents like Neon or Raze still offer more desirable utilities, which could make Iso a less popular choice. Nevertheless, the ever-evolving meta of Valorant means that Iso's impact could change over time. As players continue to experiment with his abilities, we might witness Iso rising in prominence or finding a specific role in the game, just like other agents have done before.

Iso, the new duelist in Valorant Episode 7 Act III, seems to be more irritating than enjoyable for someone like me who dislikes solo-playing abilities. Playing against him feels like a bit of a nightmare, although I'm sure those who choose to play as him will have a blast. 

Riot Games has introduced a new duelist, Iso, in Valorant Episode 7 Act III, who has the ability to collect orbs, create shields, launch energy bolts, and transport himself and an enemy to a new battleground for a showdown to the death. While some players may find Iso's abilities irritating, others may enjoy playing as him.

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  • Naveed 4 months ago

    very well-written and insightful. They provide a good overview of his abilities, his potential impact on the meta, and his play style. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning more about Iso.

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