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Is 'Master Research' Next for 'Pokémon Go'?

by Craig Arnott about a year ago in mobile

Nearly a year ago, research tasks were added to the game, along with 'Special Research,' to unlock mythical Pokémon, but is 'Master Research,' next?

Is 'Master Research' Next for 'Pokémon Go'?
The Promo from When Research Tasks First Landed in Pokémon Go!

Since the game first launched, many new features and mechanics have been added to the ever-popular mobile app game, Pokémon Go. Nearly a year ago research tasks were added, and they introduced a new way for a Pokémon trainer to increase their chances of some pretty rare Pokémon to add to their collection of pocket monsters.

Beginning with field research, trainers can now complete an assignment for the chance of rare, and potentially shiny, Pokémon to appear before them. Once seven days of field research have been completed they can then open up a special box, which will cause a past level five raid boss to appear, allowing them another chance of catching it. However, every now and then, new special research tasks are added for players to complete.

The first special research was for the mythical Mew.

The Eight Stages of Special Research for Players to Complete, for an Encounter with Mew

This special research requires players to complete three various tasks for varied rewards. Once all three are completed, they move onto the next phase of that special research. Once all the tasks are completed, the player gets the chance to capture a mythical Pokémon. Currently available are Mew, Celebii, Spiritomb, and Meltan. Once these tasks are done, players can enjoy having an extremely rare Pokémon added to their Pokédex, but it does leave a big question on the minds of players... What about the shiny variants of these Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon are constantly being added to the game.

The shiny Charmander line was introduced through a community day.

Shiny Pokémon are simply a rare colour variation of a Pokémon species, and every Pokémon has a shiny variant. These variants have been added to Pokémon Go through community days—dedicated to one specific species for three hours, raid battles, type-based events and, most recently, through special research days. Even some of the legendary Pokémon have now had their shiny variants added to the game, through returning to the level five raids, and weekly research breakthrough boxes. So, how are the mythical shiny Pokémon going to be added?

Is 'Master Research' on the way?

A shiny Mew—he's so cute, and all blue.

When special research first entered, it took some players weeks to complete the list of tasks required, with some having crazy objectives such as spinning a Pokédex for so many days running, evolving specific Pokémon, and even competing in raids. But a way for them to introduce the shiny variants of these mythical Pokémon is to simply repeat the special research, but increase the requirements by five. For example, Mew would be as followed.

Task One:

  • Special Research–Spin five Pokéstops or gyms, catch ten Pokémon, and transfer five Pokémon.
  • Master Research–Spin 25 Pokéstops or gyms, catch 50 Pokémon, and transfer 25 Pokémon.

Task Two:

  • Special Research–Earn two candies from walking, make ten great throws, and hatch three Eggs.
  • Master Research–Earn ten candies from walking, make 50 great throws, and hatch 15 eggs.

Task Three:

  • Special Research–Reach level 15, battle in a gym two times, and battle in two raids.
  • Master Research–Reach level 20, battle in a gym ten times, and battle in ten raids.

Task Four:

  • Special Research–Earn a silver Kanto medal, evolve 20 Pokémon, and earn five candies from walking.
  • Master Research–Earn a gold Kanto medal, evolve 100 Pokémon, and earn 25 candies from walking.

Task Five:

  • Special Research–Catch a Ditto, make 20 great throws, and catch ten ghost-type Pokémon.
  • Master Research–Catch five Ditto, make 100 great throws, and catch 50 ghost-type Pokémon.

Task Six:

  • Special Research–Evolve a Magikarp, battle in ten raids, and reach level 25.
  • Master Research–Evolve five Magikarp, battle in 50 raids, and reach level 30.

Task Seven:

  • Special Research–Catch 50 Pokémon using a berry, make one excellent curveball throw, and earn a gold Kanto medal
  • Master Research–Catch 250 Pokémon using a berry, make five excellent curveball throws, and complete Kanto Pokédex

Task Eight:

  • Special Research–Catch Mew.
  • Master Research–Catch Shiny Mew.

It seems extreme, and some of the tasks in "Master Research" would literally take weeks, if Niantic were to do this. But calling it "Master Research" would be extremely fitting. The best part is the base coding is practically there, it would just require tweaks to implement in the game.

What are you thoughts? Would you like to see "Master Research" added to the game? How do you think the shiny Mythical Pokémon will be added?

Craig Arnott
Craig Arnott
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