Into Video Games 2

More anime/manga to be video games

Into Video Games 2

Welcome back to another installment of the "Why not Do These?" series.

We are back to anime and manga. After reading a few more mangas I wanted to add more since the last post.

'Ninja Scroll'

The wandering swordsman Jubei Kibagami had a series back in 2003 that ran for thirteen episodes. Before that a movie in 1993, and following the series in 2006, a twelve-issue comic series.

So far nothing has been heard of from the mercenary swordsman. I think it's time that he gets a video game, and continue the fight against the evil Kimon clan.

'City Hunter'

The pervy detective with a heart of gold and a crack shot with his 44. Magnum has never had a proper City Hunter game. There was one released for the PC Engine back in 1990, but was never widely received. Ryo does make an appearance in Jump Force, but it has nothing to do with the City Hunter series.

I think it's high time we see the humor of Ryo's perverted ways while Kaori bashes him on the head with a hammer. The game could involve various missions, side missions, and fun stuff to do on the side. The game could play like the Yakuza series. You could also take on the roles of Saeko, Umibōzu, and even Kaori herself.

'Outlaw Star'

There was a manga of the series released in Japan, but never America. There has also never been a video game of this series. Would it not be interesting to see Gene Starwind's antics, and the humor of Aisha Clan-Clan? Especially while fighting space pirates, and traveling the galaxy while trying to find the Galactic Leyline?

I for one would look forward to this.


The dark fantasy anime that makes one question what is reality has no video game whatsoever.

When Momonga finds out that the world of Yggdrasil has become more realistic than he thought, he travels this new world to find out how different it is, than what was once an online game.

Whether or not they make a video game of the series, playing as Momonga could prove to be rather interesting.

But would it be an RPG style game? or would it play like the Yakuza series?

'Tiger Mask'

There has never been a video game of the vicious fighter known as Tiger Mask. The series featured Naoto Date as the heel (villain) wrestler that was reviled in America, but made face (good guy) in Japan.

He wanted nothing to do with the organization known as the Tiger Den where he was raised and trained, and has refused to pay half his earnings to them, to give to an orphanage instead. Upset with this, the Tiger Den leader has sent numerous assassins after him, and professional wrestlers to take him down.

The popular manga series has been made into several anime as well, so therefore, why not make a video game of this?

They could also make a video game of Tiger Mask W, the sequel to the series.

On another note: Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki were regulars in this series.

'Kinnikuman and Ultimate Muscle'

The dumb, yet strong Suguru made an appearance in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1979 to 1987, and an anime series from 1983 to 1986. After a series of spin-offs, the sequel Kinnikuman: The 2nd Generation featuring the son of Suguru Mantaro Muscle (AKA Kid Muscle) was aired in Japan from 1998 to 2004.

Various video games of the series have been released, starting with the first real game released in 1985 called Kinnikuman: Colosseum Deathmatch, with the most recent being for the social online network Gree called Kinnikuman Memorial released in 2014.

Whether you are fan of the series or not, the humor and absurdity of Suguru and Son while fighting monsters and other Chojin certainly would make for a good time.

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Johann Hollar
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