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I don't understand Fortnite.

Am I just old?

By April KnoxPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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I have a thirteen year old, so I hear and see a lot about this video game that has seemingly taken over just about any platform that you can play video games on. I have watched him play, I have watched YouTubers play and still I don't have a great grasp on the point of the game.

I know enough to know that you are on teams, and one of the main objectives to the game is to last as long as possible. Or at least that is what I gathered when watching a Play With Me video. Although it probably doesn't help that the person I watched do the Play with Me video didn't have much more knowledge about the game than I do.

What I can tell you about Fortnite is that the graphics are really good. I have seen it played on the Xbox, the computer and the phone. All versions are really well done. The graphics are crisp and clean and colorful. Which to me are important things when it comes to video games. That's probably just the artistic side of my brain screaming "Oooh pretty colors!"

But besides the bright colors and shiny graphics, I don't know a whole lot. I'm sure if I took the time to sit down and try to play, I might learn a little bit. Then again, I might not. From the little bit I have learned in the time that the game has been out and been popular I have gathered that it is kind of a involved game. There seems to be a lot to it. Again, maybe I am just over thinking and over analyzing it because I don't know much. Funny how that happens.

What I can't wrap my brain around, is why the game is so popular? Is it because the game itself is free? Or at least I think it is (was?) I would say it could be because you can play with all your friends? But you have been able to do that with a lot of video games for a long time, well a realtively long time (at least when it comes to video games). I myself don't know a whole lot about the characters themselves, to be able to tell you if they factor in to why the game is so popular. I could tell you that a character was from Fortnite if I saw a picture, but unless it's the llama from the game I have no idea who or what anything is or does.

I guess it will remain a mystery to me. At least until one of our kids sits me down and explains it to me. Which lets face it, the thirteen year old has far better things to do with his time (or at lest he thinks so), and the almost eight year old's knowledge of the game is about at the same level as their father's and mine. She's way more into Pokemon and Minecraft. Ah well, maybe I am just too old to understand it. I could always look it up on Youtube, afterall that is how anybody learns anything these days. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is one of those hands-on learning situations. Should I download it and attempt to play, in the name of knowledge and science? Well, maybe. Will I? Well, probably not.

Is this a problem with a very easy solution. It very well might be. But then again, I've come across games or songs or movies before that I thought if I gave them a little more time or attention I would understand them better, and I have been proven wrong before. We don't need to mention "WAP".

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