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How to Upgrade Weapon Level in COD MW3?

This guide introduces players to how to upgrade weapons in COD MW3.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 5 months ago 4 min read

COD MW3 offers players a diverse range of weapons to choose from in their quest for victory. After the player enters the game, he can get the advantage by upgrading the weapons, which will help us to proceed more smoothly in COD MW3. The following guide details how to level up your weapons in COD MW3, providing a better gaming experience.

Using Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade weapons in COD MW3

Pack-a-Punch machine

The Pack-a-Punch machine can upgrade weapons and increase their damage and magazine capacity. Upgrading a weapon in this way also can add special effects to the weapon. Players can find the Pack-a-Punch machine on the whole map of COD MW3 Zombies and upgrade their weapons.

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To use the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade weapons in COD MW3, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Pack-a-Punch machine throughout the map in the Zombies mode. You can use the Tac-map to locate it.
  2. Once you find the machine, approach it and pay a certain amount of points to upgrade your weapon.
  3. You can upgrade your weapon three times, but you can only upgrade it once per zone.
  4. It's important to note that the upgraded weapons cannot be saved.


The cost and area of upgrading your weapon depends on the level you want to reach:

  • 5,000 points for level 1, use the Pack-a-Punch in a clear zone.
  • 10,000 points for level 2, use the Pack-a-Punch in the Orange Zone.
  • 15,000 points for level 3, use the Pack-a-Punch in the Red Zone.

In addition to using the Pack-a-Punch machine, you can upgrade weapons using thorium crystals found throughout the map. These crystals can be found in loot crates or scattered around the mission area.

Upgrade weapons by earning XP

To upgrade weapon levels in COD MW3, players must earn experience points (XP) for the specific weapon they want to level up. To upgrade weapons, we need to invest a lot of time in the game; for this, you can buy Modern Warfare 3 boosting at U4GM, which will help us to get a better gaming experience. Here are some tips for leveling up weapons in MW3:

  1. Use the weapon extensively: Focus on using the specific weapon you want to level up to earn kills and XP. Equipping the weapon on multiple loadouts can ensure you always use it to gain XP.
  2. Complete attachment and weapon-specific challenges: Each weapon type has specific attachment challenges, which reward XP.
  3. Play specific game modes: In multiplayer, playing objective modes like Search and Destroy can yield more XP per kill and more XP for winning matches, while big-map modes like War and Ground War can provide more opportunities for kills and objective XP.
  4. Utilize Zombies mode: Players can earn weapon XP by slaying zombies and completing contracts in the Zombies mode. Picking the gun to level up in the insurance slot and playing while completing contracts can help level up the weapon.
  5. Take advantage of Double XP events and tokens: Double XP events and tokens, including double weapon XP tokens, can accelerate the leveling-up process by providing additional XP for weapon usage.

By employing these strategies, players can effectively level up their weapons in MW3 and unlock attachments and camouflages more quickly.

The difference between using Pack-a-Punch and XP to upgrade weapons

In COD MW3 Zombies, two primary methods for upgrading weapons are using the Pack-a-Punch machine and earning experience points (XP) for the weapon. Here are the key differences between the two:

Pack-a-Punch Machine:

The Pack-a-Punch machine allows players to upgrade their weapons up to three levels, doubling the weapon's damage and magazine size and, in some cases, adding special effects, such as shooting explosive rounds.

The cost of using the Pack-a-Punch machine increases with each upgrade level: 5,000 points for level 1, 10,000 points for level 2, and 15,000 points for level 3. Players can only upgrade their weapon once per zone, and the upgraded weapons cannot be saved; they will return to their base form when the game is exited.

Earning XP:

Players can level up their weapons by earning experience points (XP) for the weapon they want to upgrade. Using the weapon extensively, completing attachment and weapon-specific challenges, and playing specific game modes can help players earn XP for their weapons.

Leveling up a weapon through XP allows players to unlock various attachments and camouflages as it progresses. There is a cap for weapon XP, and the XP starts to fall off after a certain number of kills, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 XP.

In addition to the Pack-a-Punch machine and XP, players can upgrade weapons using thorium crystals found throughout the map. These crystals can be found in loot crates or by completing contracts, and they allow players to upgrade weapons without needing the Pack-a-Punch machine.

In summary, the Pack-a-Punch machine is used to directly upgrade the stats and abilities of a weapon, while earning XP for a weapon allows players to unlock attachments and camouflages as the weapon levels up. Both methods provide different benefits for enhancing the performance of weapons in MW3 Zombies.

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