How to Save Everyone in 'The Letter'

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Game Guide for the Achievement: A Glimmer of Hope

How to Save Everyone in 'The Letter'

The Letter is a 2017 Indie visual novel by Yangyang Mobile. It's well-praised for its well written characters, horror elements, tragic true ending, and scary ghost that everybody calls Cuddles. It's one of my favourite games from 2017 and this can be a very challenging novel, especially if you're looking for a specific route or wanting to unlock all the nodes for the game. Sometimes people get so terrified that they're too scared to play again in fear of accidentally killing their favourite character off.

This guide will help you ensure that all the seven playable characters survive. Be warned that I've tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but some might peek through the cracks. This also hasn't been adapted towards any particular romance choice.

A lot of the non-playable characters have already had their fate sealed, and some of them are, quite frankly, not nice.

With Isabella, skipping work will be the key to her downfall. She works hard trying to secure that big sale for her estates company so she can end her instant noodles days. She's cracking under the pressure, sending money to her family and sick father. She barely has any money for herself. At the end of her chapter, she gets some devastating news. For her to survive, you need to select go to work.

With Hannah, it's not one direct choice that determines her fate, but a combination of them all. The key to her survival is boosting her affection with Luke. If Isabella showed the letter to Rose, Hannah's affection with Luke is lowered. Having their affection at the lowest level possible triggers Luke into murdering Hannah. Here are the choices in Hannah's chapter that guarantee that she will live: Defend myself, you'll be a great father, call them out, and I was just tending to the gardens. If you don't want Hannah to be possessed or want to pair her with somebody, then don't open the hatch to the trapdoor when prompted. You'll know you've succeeded when at the house warming party, you get the choice to either take a break from Luke or make Hannah work on their marriage.

With the chapters of Zachary, Marianne, Rebecca, and Ashton, it's one choice that determines whether they live or die, unlike Isabella and Hannah's chapters where their fates are varied, but not their deaths. These chapters have variants of their endings. This is because the later the chapters are, the bigger the nodes are. This helps create The Letter's unique butterfly effect. This is why affection is important and why choices matter.

At the end of Zachary's chapter, ignore the cries from the open window and keep on looking for Ashton. Zachary's kind nature makes him a very popular character for fans of The Letter. His most notable trait is his respect for women and his talent for cooking.

In Marianne's chapter, select either I need to move on, or go in, depending on your route.

In Rebecca's chapter, go out through the door. If you're a horror fan, you'll know that climbing the stairs when there's something trying to kill you is a bad idea.

Ashton's chapter is huge, but we get to see many sides of him. We get to see that he's an awesome badass cop who also happens to be the worst cook of all time to the best rapper in the universe. At the end of the chapter, select beg him to listen.

If you've done all this, at the beginning of Luke's chapter, you should get the achievement A Glimmer of Hope. Well done, you've saved everybody. Now you can sit back and relax and let the consequences from your choices unwind.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful.

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