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How to make money playing video games from home

Learn the secrets to getting paid to play video games

By The Sinister PenPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

A lot of people love playing video games. But one thing a lot of people do not know is that you can make money playing video games online from home. I have been making money for a couple years from home playing video games online. And in this article I will be listing the many ways you can earn playing video games online

One of the most popular ways to earn playing games from home is streaming. Right now Twitch is probably one of the best ways to earn this way. The reason for this is that it is pretty easy to get monetized on Twitch. You only need 50 follows and an average of 3 viewers per stream, and 8 hours of streaming. Once you reach this goal you will be able to an affiliate on Twitch. This means you will get ads as well as many cool features on your Twitch channel. Every time you get someone to click on your stream and video ad loads and you get paid.

Yet another way to earn money is doing Facebook gaming. With Facebook gaming you need 10,000 follows in order to monetize your video channel with ads. You can get views and follows with streams and follows both. As well as making cool gaming related posts. It might take a while to get to 10,000 follows on Facebook gaming. But it worth building up your page on there.

One other way to earn money playing video games is game testing. One great site to test games from home and earn money is called PlayTest Cloud. It’s a great company that sends you mobile games to try out and test. Once you do a test you make about 10 dollars per test, which is pretty cool. It’s one of the most easy ways to earn some money playing games from home.

Another way I have made some money just downloading and playing games is with apps. Apps like Swagbucks let you download games play till you reach a certain level then send you some money. It can be anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars per task completed. And if you do enough of them the money can add up pretty quick.

One of the most interesting ways to earn is by leveling up and selling game accounts online. One popular games to level up and sell accounts for it Mobile Legends. But you can do this with many other games as well. You can list them for sale on the site Player All you have to do it level up your gold buy some heroes and get some free skins. The higher rank and more gold you have the more you can sell your account for. This is a way to earn even more money if you stream and play games a lot.

Another popular way gamers make money is buy selling their time to play matches with people on fivver. If you are really good at a game with a high rank and win record. You can charge people 10 dollar per match. This is an easy way for skilled gamers to earn some cash.

Just have fun and be sure to always try more than one way to earn off video games at the same time. It’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket. Always try to be on more than one platform. This way if one site does not do well, you will still have income from other things when it comes to gaming.

I hope all the gamers enjoyed this article now get out there and make some money!

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