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Why it's important to level up your mage emblem to win in Mobile Legends

Be sure to level up to get more wins!

By The Sinister PenPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Mage Emblem on Mobile Legends

I have been playing mobile legends as a mage for years now. I have many wins a pretty high rank also. One thing that has helped me reach this success is leveling up my mage emblem. In this article I will explain how to do this, and how much more powerful you become when you level up your mage emblem.

First of all let’s talk about what you need to level up your emblem. You can level up for free with tickets. Also you can use battle points. Yet another way is to use diamonds. But today we will talk about how to level up for free.

Wait until the featured emblem is Mage. Then tap on the bottom on the screen where it says preparation. From there it will take you to your emblem screen. Level up if you have enough energy to do so. But then click on upgrade and it will take you to the featured emblem page.

Once you are there, you have the option to get free mage emblem. Then you can use tickets to get for more, and battle points to get even more. I like to start off with tickets because you can get a lot for less. Now leveling up using battle points can get expensive. And it is over 2000 coins to upgrade. But you have a lot of extra battle points you should be able to level up pretty easy.

Now once you are done buying more Emblem go back to the preparation tab. You should see the ability to level up your mage emblem. Level up and you will see your Emblem level go up. The max level is 60 and you can also choose different things to upgrade. Such as more speed, or more magic damage. I always choose more magic damage. But you are free to upgrade the powers you wish.

OK so now that you have your mage emblem upgraded I will talk about why it will help you wish more matches. For one you will be getting more kills as you magical attacks will be a lot more deadly. Especially when your Ultimate is leveled up in a match. But even at low level you will notice your attacks will do more damage to your enemies.

I get a lot of kills on mobile legends with the mage Pharsa. This is for 2 reasons. One is that she has an amazing range or her attacks, another is that my mage emblem makes her magic a lot more deadly. This combination is a wining formula if you wait for the right time to attack. For example it’s a good idea to use Pharsa ultimate power when she has her team in a team battle. She can pick off enemies from far away and get a lot of kills.

I have been leveling up my mage emblem for months now. And I now get a lot of kills and wins with my mage characters. Even though Pharsa is my main character that I fight with, I have u getting many kills with other mages as well. So it well worth the time and battle points spent to level up the mage emblem.

Once you reach level 60 you will not be able to upgrade the mage emblem any longer. But you will be very powerful and able to get many kills in mobile legends. This is a great way to level up and get a high rank. So always be sure to take time each month to level up your mage emblem it will be well worth it in the long run. I wish you luck on your gaming adventures and wish you success on your mobile legends experience !


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