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How to Find, Catch, and Evolve Applin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

This guide explains where to find Applin and how to evolve Applin into its two forms, Flapple and Appletun.

By daney jeffersonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Applin is one of the many returning Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but finding where to catch Applin has proven tricky for some trainers. This guide explains where to find Applin and how to evolve Applin into its two forms, Flapple and Appletun.

Applin Stats

• HP: 40

• Attack: 40

• Defense: 80

• Special Attack: 40

• Special Defense: 40

• Speed: 20

• Total Stats: 260

Where to Find Applin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Applin can be found in the forest areas of the following locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

• South Province (Area One)

• South Province (Area Two) – around Cortondo

• South Province (Area Four) – around trees near the northern river and ponds

• West Province (Area Three)

• Tagtree Thicket

• East Province (Area One) – around Artazon

• East Province (Area Two)

• Casseroya Lake

• North Province (Area One)

• North Province (Area Two)

How to Catch Applin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Applin can be found in a variety of locations around Paldea, and it likes to hang out in trees. Once you find an Applin, you’ll need to knock it out of the safety of its tree branch and onto the ground so you can battle it.

To bring Applin tumbling down from a tree branch, aim with the left trigger and throw your Pokémon with the right trigger to initiate a battle. From there, it’s all about getting the Dragon type’s health low enough and catching it like you would any other Pokémon.

Being a Grass and Dragon-type Pokemon, Applin is weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type counters. Trainers can also opt to use Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric-type counters or a very low-level Pokemon to whittle away at Applin's health slowly. Once the creature's health is low and in the red, they can throw a Pokeball at it to capture it.

How to Evolve Applin to Flapple or Appletun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Evolve Applin

To evolve Applin players will have to give it an item - either the Sweet Apple or the Tart Apple.

If Applin is given a Sweet Apple, it'll turn into Appletun; a slow but bulky Pokemon with a decent Sp. Atk stat.

Here are the base stats of the Appletun:

• HP: 110

• Attack: 85

• Defense: 80

• Special Attack: 100

• Special Defense: 80

• Speed: 30

• Total Stats: 485

If Applin is given a Tart Apple, it'll turn into Flapple; a frail Pokemon that moves faster and can deal a respectable amount of physical damage.

Here are the base stats of the Flapple:

• HP: 70

• Attack: 110

• Defense: 80

• Special Attack: 95

• Special Defense: 60

• Speed: 70

• Total Stats: 485

Sweet Apple And Tart Apple Locations

Both of these items can appear on the ground as hidden objects at Tagtree Thicket, the woody area in the Paldea region, just northwest of East Province (Area Three.) Hidden objects are the sparkling items players can find on the ground. However, they spawn randomly and there's no way of telling what the player will find when investigating them.

The best way to acquire these items is to visit the Delibird Presents store in either Mesagoza, Cascarrafa, or Levincia, and buy them. Sweet Apple and Tart Apple both only cost $2,200. These items can also be acquired via an auction at Porto Marinada.

That’s all you need to know about how to find, catch, and evolve Applin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Pokemon SV guides on Most importantly, you can buy 6V Pokemon from here, and enjoy low prices, safe & fast service!


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