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How to Eliminate Aim Shake in COD MW3?

Aim shake in COD MW3 can be attributed to several factors. One of the primary causes is the recoil of the weapon being used.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 4 months ago 4 min read

Aim shake, also known as aim sway or camera bobbing, can be a significant challenge for players in COD MW3. It refers to the involuntary movement of the player's aim, often caused by factors such as recoil, character movement, or environmental effects. This article will provide tips on eliminating or reducing aim shake in COD MW3, covering the causes of aim shake, in-game settings to reduce aim shake, and external factors affecting aim shake.

Causes of Aim Shake

Aim shake in COD MW3 can be attributed to several factors. One of the primary causes is the recoil of the weapon being used. When a gun is fired, it pushes back against the player, causing the aim to shake. Other factors include character movement and environmental effects such as explosions.

In-Game Settings to Reduce Aim Shake

There are several in-game settings that players can adjust to reduce aim shake.

1. Aim Assist

Aim Assist

COD MW3 offers different types of Aim Assist, including Default, Precision, Focusing, and Black Ops. Each type provides a different level of aim slowdown near the target.

2. Sensitivity Settings


Adjusting the Horizontal and Vertical Stick Sensitivity can also help control aim shake. A recommended range is between 6 to 8.

3. Controller Vibration

Turning off Controller Vibration can prevent your aim from being affected by a vibrating controller.

  • Enabling Controller Vibration: Players can access the game settings and enable the vibration feature to turn on controller vibration. This is typically found in the "Settings" or "Options" menu within the game.
  • Disabling Controller Vibration: Similarly, players can access the game settings and turn off the vibration feature if they prefer to play without controller vibration.
  • Effect on Gameplay: The impact of controller vibration on gameplay, including its effect on aim, can vary from player to player. While some believe it has a minimal effect, others may turn it off to ensure consistent aim and stability.

4. Trigger Effect

Turning off the Trigger Effect can also help, as it can impact your performance from a competitive standpoint.

5. Use recoil-reducing attachments


In COD MW3, several attachments can be used to reduce recoil. We can get help with COD Boosting provided by U4GM to get the items we need. These attachments include the following:

  • Underbarrel Attachments: These attachments can help further reduce the gun's kick and stabilize it.
  • Rear Grip Attachments: Rear Grip attachments also aid in reducing recoil and stabilizing the weapon.
  • Stock Attachments: Certain stock attachments can reduce recoil and improve weapon stability.
  • Barrel and Muzzle Attachments: Some barrel and muzzle attachments are designed to decrease the recoil of specific firearms.

Players should consider the pros and cons of each attachment to determine their effects on recoil reduction. Finding a balance in selecting attachments to reduce recoil without significantly compromising damage output is important.

Additionally, community recommendations from platforms like Reddit suggest specific attachments for recoil control, such as the FTAC Ripper for assault rifles and the Phase-3 Grip for SMGs.

Players' views on aim shake

There have been many comments on Reddit from players about the aiming wobble, with one player stating that we need to switch to using crosshairs. It would help if you shifted your focus away from the peripheral information you used to use. Instead, You need to shift your focus away from the peripheral information you used to use and instead focus on the crosshairs.

Of course, some players object to this, arguing that it will prevent us from focusing on the rest of the screen.

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External Factors Affecting Aim Shake

External factors such as the player's physical condition and equipment can also affect aim shake. For example, a player might experience more aim shake if they are nervous or if their hands are shaking. Equipment like Precision Rings on thumbsticks can help maintain precise accuracy in fine aim adjustments.

Tips to Reduce Aim Shake

Here are some additional tips to help reduce aim shake:

  1. Practice: The more you play the game, the more accustomed you will become to the game's mechanics, including aim shake.
  2. Burst Fire: Instead of holding down the trigger and firing continuously, try firing in short bursts. This can help control the recoil of the weapon and reduce aim shake.
  3. Use the Right Equipment: Certain attachments and equipment can help reduce aim shake. For example, using a Holo sight can hide a significant portion of the shake.
  4. Stay Calm: Try to stay calm while playing. Anxiety and nervousness can cause your hands to shake, which can exacerbate aim shake.

Remember, reducing aim shake in COD MW3 involves adjusting in-game settings, using the right equipment, and practicing regularly. With time and patience, you can significantly reduce aim shake and improve your overall performance in the game.

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