How I Would Make the 'Spider-Man 2' PS5 Video Game Part 1

by Iqbal Hasan 9 months ago in playstation

This is just how I would make the game if I was working at Insomniac and in charge of 'Spider-Man 2.'

How I Would Make the 'Spider-Man 2' PS5 Video Game Part 1

Let me just start off by saying that the Spider-Man PS4 exclusive game made by Insomniac in 2018 is one of my favourite games of all time and probably game of the year for me personally. I found its storytelling and gameplay mechanics to be perfectly balanced (as all things should be) and the game was just flat out fun.

However it's probably going to be a few years 'til the next game so I would like to share my version of the sequel with the world. If you guys like it then let me know, if you hated it then also let me know.

For the first act of the game I would start it off similarly to how the first game started where you jump straight in and start fighting immediately. I would set it in Central Park where Spider-Man is swinging through the trees trying to stop dozens of henchmen from terrorising innocent civilians. Who do these henchmen belong to you ask? None other than Kraven the hunter. Spider-Man is overwhelmed by the henchmen and they are closing in on him when Miles Morales steps in and saves Peter.

I think it would be best if Miles is already established as a fully fledged superhero in this game complete with his own costume ripped straight out of the comic book. While Miles deals with the henchmen, Peter goes after Kraven and the players complete their first boss battle. I'm not sure exactly how the fight would go but I'm sure Kraven would throw a few spears and other hunting weapons which Peter dodges and ultimately defeats the hunter, sending him to the raft.

Afterwards Pete, Miles, and MJ relax and celebrate at Mick's having put another criminal in prison and how peaceful the city seems to be after the past year but also how they miss Aunt May and Mick, the owner of the diner (Stan Lee). The next scene is Peter walking down the street after leaving Mick's and he bumps into Harry Osborn. Peter is surprised and has a million questions for Harry but long story short Harry says he didn't tell his friends that he was sick because he didn't want them to worry and that his dad found a way to cure him but he doesn't remember how. Harry says he has to go but that they'll catch up later and hugs Peter goodbye. At this moment a little black slime latches onto Peter from Harry.

Across the city we see Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk having drink on a terrace overlooking the city. They are celebrating Fisk's early release and that he is once again the Kingpin of crime again now that Hammerhead has been defeated. They both discuss plans on how to get rid of their spider problem now that there are two Spider-Men swinging around the city and Fisk mentions that he already has Sandman and Mysterio on his payroll. Fisk asks Norman what progress he has made on creating more supervillains to distract and deal with Spider-Man while they figure out how to deal with him for good. Norman says it's going well but fails to mention that he has also been creating weapons for the police to deal with those new supervillains as he loves to play both sides. Of course, making money from both Fisk and the police doesn't hurt. At that moment, a shadowy figure appears and knocks the drinks out of their hands...

If you guys liked this story, let me know and I'll make a part 2 if I have enough time. I am also open to hearing your feedback. Thanks.

Iqbal Hasan
Iqbal Hasan
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