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How An RPG Saved My Relationship

by Marissa Horstmann 6 months ago in rpg
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How An RPG Saved My Relationship
Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

It’s on its way!! For all you who know, it’s EndWalker in Final Fantasy XIV. So exciting.

I am impatiently waiting. It’s been a few weeks since my subscription ran out but that is due to some issues regarding a pay service.

Everyone is going to eye-roll when I say this, but this game has saved my relationship. I was never one for video games. Like at all. I was always the girl that had to go out to the mall or hang out with my “friends” which often times led to drinking or late nights missing work the next day.

Here’s the thing. I got married to a man that has been playing video games since he was a kid, and that ladies and gents, I cannot change. It’s a part of him. Anyway. We used to get into major fights about it, I had left several times.

One day I had changed my mind. If you can’t beat the system, be a part of the system.

So that’s what I did. I had found this game to be so mind stimulating, I am going to admit, and all you gamer's are going to eye-roll me for saying this, but I skipped most of the cut-scenes. Hear me out. I watched most of them already when my husband was playing it.

Any who, getting back to what I was saying about this game kind if saving my relationship. So, when you are with someone for a while, you kind of run out of ideas on what to do. And options are limited if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on dates or going out all the time. Plus, a lot of places are super expensive. Some people don’t like going to the mall to spend money because it’s not really fun watching or waiting on someone while they are trying on clothes or run into someone from high-school.

I found this game to be fun, to run dungeons with the man I married, is awesome and at the same time amazing. It wasn’t totally a relationship saver but it is something to do. Not only that, but he has friends who play this game. So, it’s also fun to run dungeons with them as well.

All the partners out there are thinking...” Well”...

Here’s the thing, you may consider it not hanging out, but you are. It’s something to do together, especially when there is not much else to do. It has saved me multiple questions of “What do you want to do today?” kind of deal. Sometimes you just have to join in on the fun.

I mean other games are not that exciting in my opinion, like FPS (First Person Shooters).

With this RPGMMO game you can be anyone who you want to be.

My husband and I are married in game and in real life. Pretty cool, eh?

We both have other hobbies too, if that you’re wondering, so it’s not like it’s an all the time thing.

But at the same time, maybe find a game that you both would like to play. It is considered spending time together in my eyes. Even if you are online together. Plus, if your significant other knows about the game and has lots of knowledge about it then you already have easy mode on. Plus, they can help you through side quests if need be.

This is just my opinion, and what I have experienced.

Video games aren’t always a bad thing. Maybe your spouse wants you to play a few games with them. You never know until you try. Trust me. It has made my marriage a little more stronger.


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